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UCL Taekwondo is the biggest university Taekwondo club in the UK and the most successful university Taekwondo club in the UK. Taekwondo is a fantastic opportunity to keep fit, learn self-defence, and most importantly, meet some enthusiastic and friendly people! We welcome all abilities from all backgrounds, from complete beginners to black belts, and cater the training sessions to suit everyone.

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At UCL Taekwondo, you will be taught by several experienced black belt coaches. We cater to both ITF and WT styles and focus on all major aspects of Taekwondo: Kyorugi (sparring/the sport side of Taekwondo), Poomsae (patterns/the art side of Taekwondo) and self-defence. On top of in person training, we host weekly training sessions online on Zoom with a variety of classes offered. You also have the opportunity to enter up to 3 competitions and 3 gradings per year, providing plenty of opportunity for progression and development. We have had fantastic competition success as we are the first official BUCS champions with a 120 point lead (!) and are also five time Student Nationals champions. We have also dominated the UCL-KCL Taekwondo Varsity Series Competition for 4 years running. 

We also provide plenty of volunteering opportunities for our members with our Kickstart initiative providing weekly taekwondo training to underprivileged youth, winning Volunteering Club of the Year 2020. We host regular socials in person and on Zoom from pub quizzes to team dinners to ice skating. Our membership includes all sessions, so you don't need to worry about paying any additional fees per session!

Training times:

Mondays (8pm-10pm) – Somers Town Sports Centre, 134 Chalton St, London, NW1 1RX 

Tuesdays (8pm-10pm)  – Somers Town Sports Centre, 134 Chalton St, London, NW1 1RX

Saturdays (10am-12pm) – Somers Town Sports Centre, 134 Chalton St, London, NW1 1RX

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UCL Taekwondo Club have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.

This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited