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UCL Statistics society (USS) welcomes all students to join and learn more about statistics and its wide applications!

We host a variety of events like:

1.Python and R workshops providing intense coding lessons which focuses on the applications of the softwares outside of class

2.Socials where you can network with like minded students and have fun

3. Know your industry (KYI) sessions where we invite professionals from statistical science/ data science/ finance industry to share their experiences

4. Alumni panels to provide tips and advice that help students prepare for applications and interviews

5. Hackathon

6. Know your professor (KYP) where we invite professors to share their experience and projects they have been working on

7. Mentorship program (Buddy system) where you receive support from USS mentors on academia and career paths. It includes module and CV packages helping you to ace each module and improve your competetivness

8. CV & CL workshops 

All of these events aim to help you understand different stats topics and get hands-on experience! We aim to deliver useful information, make connections and friends within our society. 

Every year we make USS branded hoodies and we pride ourselves for being part of the wonderful society and department. We cannot wait for you to join us!