Founded in 1748, UCL Snowsports is one of the largest sports clubs in London with over 500 members! Whether you’re interested in relaxed weekly socials or are looking for a way to hone your skills before we can get back to the slopes we have an event for you.

Ski Trip

Ski Trips The biggest draw for most is of course our ski trip, for obvious reasons this is still up in the air a tad… We are however awaiting more updates from the union and the government and are trying to work out the best options so watch this space! Situation depending we’ll be partying in the alps and cruising the slopes in no time at all.

Weekly Events

Weekly events Less likely to be affected by the pandemic are our training sessions, integral to the week to week running of the club. We offer both race (dryslope and indoors) and freestyle (indoors) sessions for both skiers and boarders so if any of these options are up your street (or if you’re looking to try something new) make sure to come to one of our taster sessions or weekly sessions.

If training sessions weren’t enough, all disciplines compete at both the regional and national levels, with competitions (normally) up and down the country, including a 2 day snowsports festival competition up in Edinburgh in April 2021 this year.

With a socials being a big part of competitions, trips and the club, we make sure to host weekly online and covid permitting in person events, from charity socials to sports-night and winter balls, so that everyone, whether you’re looking for a discussion or a dance, can get involved in the club and get to see just how good Snowsports at uni can be!

Make sure to message the facebook/insta/email with any questions or queries or come ‘visit’ us at the virtual freshers fair!



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This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited