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Experience the fascinating culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with us! All UCL students, staff and alumni are welcome at the UCL Saudi Society where you can enjoy our cultural, social, educational and charitable events such as traditional Saudi dinners, film nights, lectures on Saudi art and musical performances etc. You can also celebrate Saudi National Day and Eid with us. We aim to provide a supportive society with many networking opportunities and guidance to smooth your journey. 

Some of our society’s objectives are as follows:

  1. To encourage networking with students of other societies and of the university as a whole through social gatherings, Saudi culinary events, cultural evenings.
  2. To give advice and assistance to UCL students or staff who may wish to travel to Saudi Arabia throughout the year to participate in a variety of events such as conferences, forums and colloquiums or visit universities and schools, or even for a vacation.
  3. To provide support and guidance to new students and provide an opportunity to meet peers from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.
  4. To keep in touch with UCL alumni who live in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, so we can meet on a regular basis for social and professional events.
  5. To offer an informal platform for interaction with the local community and organise events throughout the academic calendar in partnership with external official organisations in the UK.
  6. To set up a point of contact in London for prospective Saudi students who may want to contact current students for further information about studying at UCL, about a specific course or about life in London in general.


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