Whether you are a first year English student or a Finance master's student, we'd love you to join the UCL Quant Society. 
We host events in Quant Finance including careers workshops, hackathon events, research groups, industry speakers and socials! It's a great way to enter the realm of Quant Finance, to explore different career paths in the discipline and to network with other interested people.

Join our WhatsApp group here for general discussion and key updates: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FN6fGPMslGe9cT022wEEhx\

Join our Discord group for more focused discussion on the financial markets and careers help: https://discord.gg/dBFJdXwWZ7

The society was started in 2020 and is still in its early stages but there are lots of exciting things to come in 2022 and beyond!

The free remote membership will give you all the access you require to the society.


DSS x Quant Finance: Step into Financial Computing and Analysis