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The University College London Union Public Affairs and Social Service (UCLU PASS) Society was founded by a group of Hong Kong students with the hope of providing a platform for UCL students to increase their awareness of issues pervading Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world; and to take part in active social service to benefit the less fortunate.


  1. To raise awareness about sociopolitical and environmental issues in Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world through discussion and debate;
  2. To benefit the underprivileged through social service activities such as volunteering and fundraising;
  3. To provide a platform for UCL students to be exposed to information about different careers; 
  4. To collaborate with other societies and universities in order to promote the exchange of ideas and
  5. To disseminate information in regards to careers in Hong Kong. 

Contact Us

Society email address |

Antin Wong, President |

Eugenia Kam, Vice-President |

Andrew Mak, Treasurer |

Adrian Leung, Secretary |

Kay Wong, Public Affairs Officer |

Elize Wu, Social Service Officer |

Eric Chan, Careers and Events Officer |

Iris Wen, Publications and Promotions Officer |

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