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UCL Public Affairs and Social Service Society (UCLPASS) is a society at UCL that aims to provide a platform for students to engage with public affairs, social issues, and career opportunities both in Hong Kong and the UK. Through this, we strive to represent the Hong Kong student body at UCL by providing a ‘home away from home’, supporting you with an inclusive environment and providing ample opportunities to socialize and network with one another.

Our Aims

1. To raise awareness about socio-political and environmental issues in Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world through discussion and debate

2. To benefit the underprivileged through social service activities such as volunteering and fundraising

3. To provide a platform for students to be exposed to careers-related information and support, whether your future lies in Hong Kong, the UK or otherwise

4. To collaborate with other societies and universities (including other HKPASS societies in London and beyond) in order to promote the exchange of ideas and help members expand their connections beyond UCL

What do I get from joining?

Over the course of the academic year, the events and benefits offered by UCLPASS includes:

  • Freshers’ and social events: To establish friendships and have fun, both before university and throughout term time!
  • Inter-university events: Students can connect with Hong Kongers from universities all across the UK by participating in countless inter-uni activities held either by UCL or other unis!
  • PASS (Public Affairs/Social Service) events: In line with our society vision, you can engage in volunteering or debate-related activities, the latter includes representing UCL in inter-uni competitions.
  • Daily Living and Careers Support: We want you to have the best, stress-free experience possible at university with the wisdom of your seniors, which is why we also provide plenty of support throughout the year, from settling in London to careers advice and workshops. 
  • Alumni Connections: Our unique connections with UCL’s extensive and accomplished alumni community allows us to provide on-going career guidance and expertise for various industries. This includes personalised or even 1-to-1 mentoring, which is definitely an opportunity you can’t miss!
  • Sub-committee Recruitment: Participate in our inter-university activities and competitions, and get sign-up priority over non-members by applying for a sub-committee position!
  • Discounts: Members get discounts for many UCLPASS events, and also 5% off your purchases from Asian supermarket Wanahong throughout the whole year! 

Get your UCLPASS Standard £5 Membership for the 2023-2024 academic year now!

Contact Us 

Follow us on Instagram @uclpass and Facebook @uclpass.society to be the first to get updates about our upcoming events and find out more information! 

Society email address | [email protected]

Keith Kwok, President 

Shirin Goh, Vice-President 

Elim Lo, Treasurer 

Jason Cho, Secretary 

Dora Wan, Public Affairs Officer 

Alfred Li, Social Service Officer 

Jessie Cho, Careers and Events Officer 

Zoe Ma, Publications and Promotions Officer