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Does physics and astronomy interest you? Do you wonder what more there is to know beyond what you can learn in class or watch on YouTube? Are you looking for friends who won't run away when you want to discuss interesting physics ideas? Are you curious about all the career opportunities out there for you with a background in STEM?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the questions above, you will love being a part of our society! Even though we are a departmental society, we welcome anyone with interest in physics and astronomy. Join the Physics Society not only to meet other like-minded individuals but also for a range of academic, social, and career-oriented events!

This year, we would also like to make one of our aims to focus on supporting scientists from underrepresented backgrounds -- tell you about interesting opportunities, invite such scientists to UCL, etc.

This year, we are intensifying our efforts to support scientists from underrepresented backgrounds. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity in scientific inquiry. To this end, we will actively seek and promote opportunities, extend invitations to distinguished scientists from diverse backgrounds to visit UCL, and endeavor to create a platform where voices and ideas from varied perspectives can converge and enrich our collective understanding and pursuit of science.


A Standard Membership will allow you to attend all our events. To give you a taste of what you can expect, for example, in the past we co-organised a number of balls and organised an academic talk by Prof. Sean Carroll on Quantum Foundations & Emergent Spacetime, a Careers Panel on Women in Academia, or a number of pub crawls!

This year we plan further collaborations with other UCL Societies and Physics Societies at other universities, career-events focused on all the options for STEM students, informing you about interesting events and opportunities outside of UCL, as well as some fun socials where you will have the chance to network.


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