Our Teams

We have 5 competitive teams who play in the BUCS and LUSL league and one competitive team playing in LUSL and TeamUCL League. These teams train weekly to facilitate the progression of the teams. Furthermore, we have one postgraduate team and two social teams who play in TeamUCL and train bi-weekly. 

Netball Development

If you don't want to play competitively, come along to our weekly social netball sessions where our Netball Development Officer runs ball skill sessions and friendly games for players of all abilities. There is also an exciting new opportunity for social members to play in a weekly TeamUCL League!


The netball club has a great social calendar with weekly get togethers on Wednesday 'Sports Night', themes ranging from the colours of the rainbow, army and country club attire. We regularly have netball club meals and have many organised events with different UCL clubs such as Football, Lacrosse and Hockey.


Inter-Club = A fun themed netball tournament open to all UCL sports and societies to raise money for charity. This year it was Under the Sea themed with all 18 competing teams dressed as different creatures of the sea with our netball girls hosting as Mermaids to raise money for Marine Conservation Society. 

Mystery tour = a weekend trip to an unknown location organised by our amazing social secretaries. 

The Net-Ball = our annual end of year ball. A fun-filled night of laughter and dancing, and the chance to show us what you can look like when you're not all sweaty on the netball court!

Varsity = our biggest match of the year! Our 1s team takes to the court to play Kings 1s as part of the London Varsity series. We have taken home the trophy for the past 5 years after very exciting, close matches. This is not to be missed!

Summer tour = Early June we have our annual summer tour where we play netball abroad whilst enjoying the sun. Previous locations include Malta, Croatia, Zante and Portugal. 

Volunteering opportunities = these are run throughout the year. In the past we have been involved with netball coaching, blood donations, tea parties for the elderly and bucket collections for our chosen charity. 


Our Social membership (£20) gives you access to equipment, training and our in-person and remote socials. 

Our Postgraduate membership (£45) includes biweekly training and the option to play in TeamUCL League.

Our TeamUCL League membership (£45) includes biweekly training with our social squad and weekly matches in the TeamUCL League. 

Our Full 3-6s membership (£100) requires you to play in our BUCS and LUSL matches.

Our Full 2s membership (£110) requires you to play in our LUSL and TeamUCL matches.

Our Full 1s membership (£120) requires you to play in our BUCS and LUSL matches.


For any students worried about the costs associated with joining UCL Netball Club, please, please look into the Participation Fund which offers financial aid for students wanting to take part in sports and activities across UCL. Link to website: Student Activities Participation Fund | Students Union UCL


If you have any questions or are interested in playing in either our competitive, postgrad or social teams then please get in touch through Facebook, Instagram or email.

For further information take a look at our website and make sure you like our Facebook and Instagram page (@ucl_netball) and follow us on twitter!


UCL Netball Club have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.


This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited



Netball National Tour