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UCL Men’s Lacrosse is currently entering its ninth year. We have a strong connection with UCL Lacrosse, UCL’s women’s lacrosse club, and through this integration we are one of the biggest and most social clubs at university.

Want to learn to play? We provide a full set of kit, all the equipment you'll need and regular coaching in our competitive £80 membership.

Our Sport

Men’s Lacrosse is a fast paced, hard hitting, and technical sport that develops hand to eye co-ordination, quick feet, and good stamina. There are absolutely no skill requirements in joining and you are guaranteed game time.

If you are 2 metres tall and built like a mountain, come and enjoy the opportunity to wield a 6ft long metal pole and hit people. If you are not, come and enjoy the opportunity to wield a 6ft long metal pole and hit people. 


Our club one welcoming and sociable teams. Our 1st Team is made up of a great mix of our more experienced players and beginners, which really accelerates the development of those new to the sport.The team competes in BUCS and will be participating once again in the 2022-23 season that begins in October. By playing against other universities with fledgling 2nd teams, you will be introduced at a level that is fun, approachable and provides a fast learning curve.


As well as playing a bit of lacrosse, we enjoy a huge programme of social events. We socialise every Wednesday evening alongside numerous events to keep your university life brimming with activity, including our Lacrosse Ball, team meals and an annual European tour.


This year, we are offering new membership tiers. Our full membership is £80, which provides fantastic value for money for a university lacrosse club. This membership will provide you with a full set of kit and access to our entire calendar, with access to all trainings, matches and social activities.

We are also offering two tiers of remote memberships for those who are unable to join us in London in the Autumn term. Our £25 membership grants access to all social events, both digital for the time being and in-person once activity resumes, immersing you in our club, ready for you to join us in person. Our free membership grants access to our social media and weekly newsletter, helping you to find out more about our club and to keep up with our activities.

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Check out our up-to-date Welfare Document

Also check out our COVID Guidelines for a safe return to lacrosse

This Club is Pride In Sport Accredited