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Are you never able to find a jumper with that perfect fit? Are all scarves too long? Freezing in winter because you can’t find a hat you like? Or is everything you want from life to just snuggle up under a huge warm blanket?

Then you’re right at home at UCL Knitting Society. Whether you want to knit your entire winter wardrobe (pants included), crochet cute little yarn creatures, or don’t know the first thing about anything to do with hooks and needles: UCL KnitSoc gives students a supportive environment to geek out about all things yarny. You’ll learn a new life skill, be inspired by the projects of others and maybe even save yourself some money.

The society is open to everyone and experience isn’t necessary: we’ll teach you! Throughout the year you can participate in fun activities like:

  • Trips to yarn stores and yarn festivals

  • Weekly knitting meetings (tea and biscuits provided)

  • Workshops from experts

  • Knitting with kittens at Battersea Dogs’ and Cat’s Home

  • All day knitting, Knitflix and Chill, and beginners’ classes for both knitting and crochet

  • And more!

Membership is only 4 pounds, a steal compared to the 30 pounds you’d pay for knitting classes in pricey London. And we’ll gladly let you borrow both yarn and needles so you can feed your new obsession, even outside of knitting meetings.

Knitting. It’s not just for grandma. It’s a postapocalyptic life skill. 

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