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Never able to find a jumper with a perfect fit? Freezing in the winter because you can’t find a hat you like? Or just want to snuggle under a big warm blanket? Then you’re right at home at the UCL Knitting Society, UCL's Best New Society of 2018-2019 and Most Developed Society 2020-2021!

Whether you want to knit your entire winter wardrobe or just crochet little yarn creatures, UCL KnitSoc gives students a supportive environment to geek out about all things yarny. You’ll learn a new life skill, be inspired by others, and maybe even save some money!

The society is open to everyone- experience isn’t necessary, we’ll teach you! In past years, we’ve held an inter-university competition with Kings and Imperial, hosted macrame workshops, and held a big holiday collaboration with other crafting societies. In the upcoming year, you’ll be able to participate in fun activities like:

  • Beginners’ classes for both knitting and crochet
  • Weekly knitting socials
  • Workshops from experts
  • Fun socials like Knitflix and chill and game nights
  • And so much more!

Through our social media groups, you’ll be able to meet fellow crafters and connect with new people while working on your new projects. We’ll also share patterns for inspiration, give advice on the equipment you need, and highlight new stitches and techniques for you to try out! Follow us on Facebook  and Instagram  to keep up to date with our news and events! You can also sign up to our weekly newsletter here, and check out our other socials here!

Knitting. It’s not just for grandma. It’s a post-apocalyptic life skill.