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UCL's only life sciences magazine! We are an organisation made up of UCL students from a variety of academic backgrounds, all with a passion for the life sciences. We're not just for scientists though - our content is broad, inclusive and exciting, so there's something for everyone, no matter your department!

Anyone can join as long as you have a can-do attitude and are enthusiastic about science! We have roles for writers, editors, artists and more, so just get in touch via our email ( or Facebook page, and buy membership!

Take a look at our website to see the articles featured in our previous issues. Submissions for online articles are now being accepted and we are currently in the process of creating our fourth issue!

Full Membership (writers and editors) - this includes writing and editing for the magazine as well as attending all events.

Full Membership (artists and designers) ​- this includes illustrating and designing for the magazine as well as attending all events.

Social Membership - this includes attending events only.