Now entering its ninth year, the UCL International Relations Society has proven to be one of the most enthralling societies on campus. We aim to foster a greater awareness and appreciation for international affairs among UCL students by hosting everything from lectures and talks, to fields trips.

On a regular basis, we invite prominent speakers to give presentations on topics related to International Relations. We have hosted Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors and High Commissioners from the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia and the Ukraine; in addition to journalists from the BBC, The Economist, and the FT.

Our trips have included a tour of Chatham House, one of the most influential think tanks in the world, and of the BBC's headquarters and World News Desk here in London. These events are complimented by our dynamic range of socials, which have included a charity dinner. 

International Relations is a branch of political science that analyses the relationships between sovereign states and seeks to understand how those relationships shape foreign policy in the international political arena. The field of international relations draws from a wide range of subjects, including: history, economics, sociology, philosophy, law, anthropology, and psychology.

Our events reflect the wide-reaching nature of international relations and as a result we truly offer something for everybody. This year we will continue to provide thought-provoking events that will consist of gripping debates about world issues. We are excited to announce that these events will be in-person, as of this year!

The International Relations Society is a proud alliance society of the Bentham Brooks Institute, a student-led think tank encompassing a bespoke research program to produce peer-reviewed, high quality research policy papers to influence policy-makers and influential figures. Formed by an alliance of 5 of the biggest international affairs societies at UCL, BBI will benefit from vast resources of these societies, a decorated board of advisors and a robust organisational framework of BBI to scrutinise and find the solutions to the problems facing us today. Find out more at

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