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‘Genetics is where we come from. It’s deeply natural to want to know’ — Ellen Ulmann. 

Genetics can sometimes be perceived as a discipline exclusive to healthcare professionals and academic researchers, but this is a regrettable falsehood. Its impact on the world is manifold, and its applicability in society is widespread. Ageing, epidemiology, sustainable agriculture, forensics, personalised medicine - those are just a few examples of many applications that genetics find in our modern world. Such subfields of genetics such as bioinformatics, genomics, and molecular biology play an essential role in the current biotech industry, pharmaceutical industry and healthcare systems worldwide. At the same time, the future of cloning and genome editing has captured the attention not only of the scientists and healthcare industry specialists but also lawyers, politicians and philosophers.

The aim of UCL Genetics Society is to provide students with an array of opportunities to enrich their knowledge of this scientific field. Are you a scientist who’s interested in discussing the latest developments in genetics research? Attend our events with prominent academics and engage in our weekly discussions. Maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur who wants to gain further insight into one of the so-dubbed ‘industries of the future’? Enjoy the presentations given by biotech startup founders and Big Pharma representatives. Or perhaps you have no life science background and simply wish to learn more about a discipline that impacts our everyday lives? Check out our workshops designed to familiarise everyone with the basic concepts and theoretical knowledge for modern genetics. By offering such an eclectic range of activities our society will cater to everyone. 

As Ellen Ulmann said, it is deeply natural to want to know. UCL Genetics Society is here to help navigate this intellectual curiosity. Feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions, and follow us on social media for regular updates.

Instagram: uclgenetics
Facebook: UCL Genetics Society

President: Anastasia Ilina
Vice-Presidents : Valeriya Shinshinova, Georgy Belkin
Managing Editor: Kush Thakrar 
Treasurer: Aleksey Bondaruk

Founders: Anastasia Ilina, Valeriya Shinshinova, Georgy Belkin, Aleksey Bondaruk 

Date established: