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UCL Cubing Society

Discover the world of cubing and join a community of passionate puzzle solvers!

What is cubing?

Cubing refers to the activity of solving twisty puzzles, the most famous of which is the Rubik's Cube. Over the years, the realm of cubing has expanded, now encompassing a wide range of puzzles of different shapes, sizes, and complexities. From the traditional 3x3 cube to the daunting megaminx, the world of cubing offers endless challenges and intrigue.

Activities at UCL Cubing Society

  • Regular Meet-ups: Gather with fellow enthusiasts to practice, exchange tips, tackle new puzzles or just hang out.
  • Tutorials & Workshops: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, benefit from training sessions aimed at improving your solving techniques.
  • Competitions: Test your skills in our internal and external tournaments. Whether it's speed-solving or a blindfolded challenge, there's something for everyone.
  • Social Events: Beyond the cubes, bond with your peers at our bar nights, day trips and other social events.

Why join the Cubing Society?

Learn & Improve: Regardless of whether you can already solve a cube or not, our community is here to guide you at every step.
Connect: Meet like-minded individuals who share your passion and curiosity for puzzles.
Compete: Participate in local, national, and even international cubing competitions.
Relax & De-Stress: Beyond the competitive aspect, cubing can be a therapeutic way to relax and refresh your mind between studies.


Membership options:

- Standard
Grants access to all our events for the whole academic year.

- Taster
Try us out for free!

- Competition Pass
All the benefits of Standard membership, plus free entry to any (public) WCA competitions we host at UCL. The usual registration fee for a WCA competition in the UK is £30.


2023-24 Committee:

Jai Willink-Regan - President and founder
Kerem Eroglu - Treasurer and founder
Tawheed Shamsudduha - Welfare Officer
Gleb Vedmid - Competitions Manager and founder
Sophie Lee - PR Manager