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UCL Lightning is a cheerleading club involved in stunts, jumps, tumbling and dance. We offer weekly training and we are open to people of all abilities. Cheerleading suits all members regardless of their availability or experience; everyone is welcome to join! If you've bought membership, do follow our Facebook group and Instagram page to receive all the necessary information and updates.

Although it is difficult to give information with absolute certainty due to the extraordinary circumstances we are experiencing, we will continue to provide updates whenever possible. Here's what we're offering this year: 

Social Membership:

For this year, we highly recommend purchasing a Social Membership (and upgrading in future, if necessary). Social training involves weekly sessions led by qualified coaches for those interested in trying out cheerleading and picking up skills without the commitment! It will begin in Term 1 and those keen on attending will need to buy a ticket for these sessions to reserve a space. You can find our tickets under 'Events' but will need Social Membership before attending any in-person training. 

We have halved the initial cost for our social membership to £25 with an additional fee of £4 per social training session you attend.

Social members can upgrade their membership (by topping up the membership fee) to a non-competitive/competitive one at any time. 

Remote Membership:

This year we are offering free remote membership for anyone who can’t make it to in-person training, or who just wants to train at home. We will be offering weekly Zoom classes so you can pick up new skills or give the sport a try, no commitment needed!

If you plan on returning to UCL later in the year, you can purchase a social/non-competitive/competitive one at any time. 

Competitive membership:

Our competitive teams compete at University National competitions, and we’ve previously won 3 national titles. As a team sport, attendance at every practice is key and absences affect the whole team as it means a stunt may not be able to be executed safely. 

This year, it is unlikely that we will compete as teams due to safety reasons and not having sufficient time to train adequately under existing guidelines. We also cannot determine how and when try-outs and training will commence. As such, it may be possible to register for competitions as individual stunt groups, but sadly we will not compete as a whole team.

Please purchase a Social Membership for now, which you can upgrade later if necessary.

For the 2020/21 academic year, we halved the cost of our competitive membership to £50. This covers coaching fees and external venue hire where necessary. Members will be expected to pay for their individual uniforms, competition fees, and transport to external venues. 

Non-Competitive Membership:

Given current pandemic measures, Non-Competitive training is likely to only commence in Term 2, should governmental guidelines allow it.

We are introducing a non-competitive team for students who want to train regularly like the competitive teams, but without the pressure of competitions. We plan for this team to train for 2 hours weekly and perform fortnightly at home games for other UCL sports teams during Term 2. Again, this depends entirely on the guidelines we must adhere to but we will keep everyone informed throughout the year.

We plan for this team to train for 2 hours weekly by a qualified coach and perform fortnightly at home games for other UCL sports teams in Term 2. Since the non-competitive team will be performing regularly, attendance at every practice is key. 

Please purchase a Social Membership for now, which you can upgrade later if necessary.


We are a very social club and intend to have many virtual socials planned for the year to suit everyone. Team bonding events are also frequently held so you can make friends with the rest of the club and not worry about missing out. Check out the What's On Calendar or 'Events' section of this page to stay up-to-date on what we've got planned!


We pride ourselves on being a highly inclusive club, annually participating in events such This Girl Can and Pride Week. We also volunteer and fundraise for the community. In 2018, we raised £3,000 for Cancer Research in a sponsored run, and in June of 2020, our members raised £600 for Black Lives Matter by holding an online bow raffle. We hope to continue our community impact as we look for more opportunities to volunteer in the local community. 



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UCL Cheerleading Club has signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment PledgeThis Club is Pride in Sport Accredited.