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We're the only society at UCL dedicated to fighting cancer. We want to work together to educate students from all backgrounds about the issues surrounding cancer, such as treatment, diagnosis, policy and healthcare developments, and much more. We'll be getting involved in fundraising, campaigning, and supporting those affected by cancer.

In addition, we want to raise awareness through various educational events (like our annual conference) or museum visits and social events like quiz nights or picnics. We aim to work with the charities who are already doing amazing things to help tackle cancer, and we'd love for you to get involved too! Don't hesitate to get in touch with any committee member if you have any questions or ideas! 

Remote membership gives you access cess to online activities like lectures, zoom calls. Whereas full membership allows you to join all online activities and all in-person events. Don't worry at any time you can upgrade your online membership to full one. 

If you've been affected by cancer, or want to help support those who have been, join our society. We want to help support the fight against cancer as much as possible, so join our team if you want to help too! 

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