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UCL's new society, dealing with the whole spectrum of bioethical and medico-legal issues! 

Science and technology are progressing faster than the general population’s understanding of this progress; general opinion needs to keep up with this change, in order to have informed opinions, and thus guide the public policy and law that govern these issues. As the future leaders of our society, UCL students are in a privileged position to steer the path that our society embarks upon. Our goal is to enable all students to further their understanding of these (often contentious) bioethical and medico-legal topics, and to open up a balanced debate that approaches the issue from all sides.

Join our society to mingle with others who are also passionate about these exciting new areas, helping each other to develop a common understanding about the issues that our society is facing at the moment. We will be hosting a variety of events, ranging from talks by world-leading thinkers in the scientific, legal, and political spheres, to social activities like themed movie nights, student debates, and socials

A few examples of the kind of topics that we will be dealing with are: personal medical data protection in the dawning era of digital health, the ethics of drug trials in the developing world, refusal of medical care, and genetic engineering.

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