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Welcome to UCL Bioethics and Medical Law Society!

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Science and technology are progressing faster than the general population’s understanding of this progress; general opinion needs to keep up with this change, in order to have informed opinions, and thus guide the public policy and law that govern these issues. As the future leaders of our society, UCL students are in a privileged position to steer the path that our society embarks upon. 

Join our society during the 2021-22 academic year to attend our events, which include: 

  • External Speaker Events: a range of online seminars, debates, and webinars which invite world-leading thinkers in the scientific, legal, and political spheres. These events include collaborations with both UCL societies and external organisations. You will have the chance to meet and share your ideas with both your peers and professionals in both academia and industry. See below for topics we have previously covered, but this is not all there is - this year we hope to continue expanding our scope and invite you to participate!
  • Themed movie nights / film screenings: from the Louis Theroux series to My Sister's Keeper, we'll have online and in - person movie nights which we will all get together and watch relevant, compelling documentaries and movies that address underlying bioethical dilemmas. Come join these events for a great movie night!
  • Social events: coffee socials, meet and greets, pub quizzes and more. These socials will be both in-person and online. Everyone is welcome! Stay connected via our Facebook page or Instagram page and get membership for regular updates for all our socials and events. 

Through our think tank platform, Think Bloomsbury, we also seek to go a step further and give students opportunities to conduct independant research, articulate policy recommendations, write, and advocate around issues that they are passionate about. BMLSoc will keep you updated with these opportunities - and we encourage you to get involved! Roles open to applications include. 

  • Working group leads - leading research projects of your own choice 
  • Working group members - participating in research groups 

Our goal as a society is to enable all students to further their understanding of these (often contentious) bioethical and medico-legal topics, and to open up a balanced debate that approaches the issue from all sides. These topics have previously included:

  • Personal medical data protection in the dawning era of digital health
  • Structural racism rooted in historical and contemporary healthcar
  • The ethical dilemma traps of Covid-19
  • The silent mental health epidemic
  • Refusal of medical care and end-of-life decisions
  • Drug trials in the developing world
  • Genetic engineering 

We invite everybody of all levels and backgrounds to join - whether you are just curious, or whether you have a founded passion for bioethics and medical law. Follow us on our facebook page  or Instagram page for more. Looking forward to meeting all of you this year!