UCL Women’s Basketball embodies UCL’s privilege of being renowned as ‘London’s global university’ as players unite from all over the world to have fun, improve their game and form a team known for our fair-play mentality and strong team spirit. The club takes pride in this international aspect and the huge interest from overseas students is reflected as we are expanding steadily year by year.

To cater for players of all levels, we have 2 competitive teams in BUCS leagues, a competitive LUSL league, and a social team. More experienced players compete in BUCS against teams from across the south-east, while the improving players and beginners have the opportunity to play other London universities in LUSL. Our teams also play the BUCS and LUSL Cups during the season. BUCS teams train hard twice a week ensuring that players are fit and confident to win games throughout the season. Social players train every Saturday with the whole club! Of course, we cannot forget the highly anticipated Varsity against Kings on March, in which we will try to retain the Champions title that we fought hard for last year.


Off court, the team meets after matches to unwind over drinks, games and music on sports night, and at many other socials, including several alcohol-free socials, throughout the year – anything from board-game nights to bowling! We will be running hybrid online and in-person socials this year so that our members, no matter where you might be, can all join in! Additionally, we always try to support all of our teams when our matches aren't at the same time, as well as the men's teams sometimes, which sometimes join us for sports nights too. This year we are looking forward to running a UK tour in term 2, and an international tour at the end of term 3!


We run volunteering events and fundraisers throughout the year to support our community. We also run an interclub mentorship programme – Mums&Mums - providing you with academic support by pairing you with older years on similar degree pathways, and general help getting settled in London and making sure you feel connected within the club! We also have several international, postgraduate and PhD students. This year available to both disabled and non-disabled students, new to TeamUCL, is wheelchair basketball! We offer multiple opportunities for our players to become qualified table officials, referees, and coaches, partially funded by the union! We are have two Pride in Sport representatives in our club, and are proud allies of the LGBTQ+ community.



We are fortunate to be returning to play unrestricted this year. All of our activities are run safely following Public Health England, UCL and Basketball England guidelines as and when they are updated. We are committed to keeping our members safe, and as a club encourage bi-weekly lateral flow testing and vaccination against covid-19 in line with government guidelines.



Trials for the 2021/22 competitive squads are on the Monday the 4th of October from 17:00-19:00, and on Saturday the 9th of October from 9:00-11:00.

Sign up for trials here:




1st TEAM

Our 1st Team plays in the BUCS 1st division and the national BUCS knockout cup. The team trains twice a week, on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. Most fixtures are on Wednesday afternoons and evenings

2nd TEAM

Our 2nd Team plays in the BUCS 3rd Division and in the regional BUCS knockout cup. The team trains every other Monday evening and every Saturday morning. Most fixtures are on Wednesday afternoons and evenings


Our LUSL Team plays other local London clubs. Anyone from the 1s, 2s and social team can play in LUSL games! The team is chosen each week depending on who is available and wants to play. This is a fantastic way for beginners and less experienced players to get some game time in and develop their basketball skills!


On Saturday mornings we run social basketball for players of all levels to come train. Our 1s and 2s also train at this time, but our coaches focus on helping beginners and newcomers to learn.  Social players are welcome to come along to Saturday trainings every week, and if they would like to, sign up for the occasional LUSL game!


We will also be running the UCL Basketball League (UBL) for players looking to play casual and competitive games in an intermural league. This also gives unselected players an opportunity to work their way up into one of our competitive teams.


Our FREE remote membership is tailored to members who cannot be with us due to COVID-19 restrictions, or for those who only want to come along to our in person, online and hybrid socials. These members will be part of our mailing lists and facebook group to stay up to date with our UCLWB community!



Apart from at trials, you can come and chat to us at the following events

29th September (afternoon) – find us at our stall in Main Quad during the TeamUCL campus takeover from 12:00 -16:00.

29th September (evening)– find us online from in the evening from 18:00 – 19:00 for a meet and greet session with the committee and returning members!

2nd October – come and find us at our in-person stall at the freshers’ fair!

3rd October – come and find us at our online stall at the freshers’ fair!

6th October – We will be running our first sportsnight back at Phineas from 20:00!

9th October – we will be holding our annual Regents Park Picnic after our trial and taster session! Bring your own food, snacks, and get ready for lots of fun and games!


Contact us!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all announcements and updates (including signups for trials!) – turn on post notifications to know what’s happening as soon as its released!

Instagram: @uclwb

Facebook: UCL Women’s Basketball



1. Where and when do you train?

Trainings for the 1s and all Saturday sessions will be at Somers Town Community Centre. 2s will train at Haggerton School or Somers Town on Monday evenings and are also at Somers Town on Saturdays. The social team sessions will always be at Somers Town on Saturdays.

2. What membership should I buy?

Don’t buy membership until after trials! We will inform players what teams they are on. You will need our free remote membership to attend any of our trials or social sessions – so make sure you click join!

3. What is the difference between a trial and a taster session?

Our trials and tasters are free. We will split up each 2 hour session into trials and tasters depending on demand on the day! Don’t worry – if you don’t want to trial for a team, you don’t have to! Just come along and have fun!

4. I’m not at UCL, can I still come to trials, tasters and trainings

Sorry! Our sessions are only for current UCL students. If you are an affiliate student you can come to our trainings (including competitive!) but you won’t be able to play in our competitive games (but you can play in friendlies!). If you’re not sure what kind of student you are, DM us on social media, and we'll let you know

5. What if I’m ill or cant attend the trials and taster sessions?

If you cant attend, don’t worry! Please don’t come in if you’re not feeling well. Either DM us on social media or email Georgia to let us know! We will find time for you to come and trial for a team.

6. Who should I contact for more specific questions? 

DM us on social media! We are quite speedy at replying!

7. How are you connected to the Men’s Basketball Club?

The Men’s have a separate club but we make sure to support each others games (especially varsity!) and often run joint socials and trainings! 

8. How can we sponsor your club?

We are welcoming sponsors this year, for sponsorship please contact us at -  [email protected] - for more information


This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited