Welcome to the BSAS!

The Bartlett School of Architecture Society (BSAS) is a departmental society amplifying student voice and establishing a further sense of community at The Bartlett, bringing both BSA and wider UCL students together over a shared interest of architecture and design. Make sure to get your Standard Membership if you'll be joining us this year! (Only get a remote membership if you're not planning on returning to London or attending any in-person events).

Why should you join us?

This year the BSAS is planning on stepping it up-  a whole new roster of events, talks, workshops and socials (and more!) are being mapped-out for the upcoming terms. Whether you're a social butterfly, an event-planner, an activist, an intense academic, a workshop-aholic, or just want to chat to more of your fellow students, we're here for you.

Our welcome week events are:

We'll see you in September!