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UCL ABC provides fitness sessions for all - the best way to get in shape and to get fit. UCL ABC provides boxing lessons from the basics right up to advanced levels - whether you're looking to increase your sporting ability, to get fit, to get ripped or just to learn how to box, these sessions will cater for all. Our competitive squad has been growing, with two members taking part in BUCS 2019, and one member becoming Birmingham Box Cup lightweight champion. This year we expect to join even more competitions, and organize joint sparring sessions with other UK universities. UCL ABC also arranges morning running sessions for those keen athletes who are part of the team. UCL ABC regularly holds social events and organises trips to sporting events. Membership can be obtained through the Student Union (UCL) website ( or at the Clubs & Societies Centre (2nd floor of the UCL Bloomsbury Building). Make sure to follow our Facebook group, as well as our new Instagram page ( to receive the most recent updates.

This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited