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UCL Afghan Society aims to bring you closer to the rich culture and diversity of Afghanistan in the heart of London and at our very own UCL. Your membership will give you access to our annual Meet and Greet, cultural and games nights, film screenings, dinners and many more exciting events throughout the academic year.

We are always striving to hold new and innovative events for our members and we look forward to creating new memories with all of you!

At UCL Afghan Society, we refuse to lose hope in the future of our country. We wholeheartedly believe that the Afghan people can live in peace and prosperity and hope that by establishing an Afghan Society at UCL and working together with our friends from other Afghan societies around the country, we can instil this hope in others. We feel incredibly proud to work together as a diverse committee of bright, young, ambitious Afghan-Brits and truly believe that it is our generation that can (and will) bring about tremendous positive change and help propel Afghanistan to the prosperous nation it deserves and has the potential to be.

We will work with other student societies around London to further our reach and make our events even more exciting. So, come along and explore the culture, diversity and the beauty of Afghanistan with us, at UCL Afghan Society.