Our journey to become the UK's most sustainable students' union, matching sector-leading sustainability ambitions of the university, has been recognised with the Award for Outstanding Sustainability Plan at UCL 10th Sustainability Awards ceremony.

The Students' Union have done some outstanding work over the course of the past year. They have started putting together an environmental management system to drive sustainability into their operations.

With student engagement being their biggest opportunity, they have put their power to good use, by engaging students in sustainability through the joint initiatives: the Student Sustainability Ambassador programme, the Student Sustainability Council, 28 Days of Sustainability (UCL’s Sustainability Month), and organising Sustainability Fairs and Bike-Powered cinemas.

Richard Jackson, Director of Sustainable UCL

Reflecting and looking ahead

2022 is a year marking a decade of sustainability action at UCL, and it is also a year that saw a relaunch of our sustainability plan - refreshed Students' Union UCL Sustainability Strategy. Building on the original 2020 action plan aiming to embed sustainability in everything we do, the refreshed strategy integrates findings of an expert environmental audit into a new strategic vision and an updated, focused, and data-driven action plan.

Putting your values and interests at the centre of our vision, through the new plan we want to minimise our impact on the environment, collaborate with and influence UCL to operate to the highest standards of sustainability, and support you in sustainability education and leadership. Headline commitments set out the key milestones on our sustainability journey and are supported by specific objectives in seven areas: governance, waste, energy efficiency, procurement, travel, student engagement, offsetting and insetting. Notably, the two trees donated to The UCL Grove on our behalf by UCL as the prize are contributing to our progress in the latter!

This recognition is the culmination of hard work and commitment of generations of student leaders and the Union's staff. However, having a good plan is just the first step on the way - making it a reality remains the main focus for the future. With the award acting as a motivation boost, we look forward to turning an outstanding sustainability plan into outstanding impact. See how you can join the movement below.