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TeamUCL Events & Campaigns

Throughout the year TeamUCL run large scale events and campaigns that are often the highlight of many students' years. The events and campaigns we run are designed to celebrate the amazing things students do, raise awareness for important issues, fundraise for important causes and use sport as a tool for enjoyment and success! Find out more below.

London Varsity Series

Without a doubt, the first day of the London Varsity Series is the TeamUCL equivalent of Christmas Day! It's the event that showcases our sports teams' prowess over local rivals King's College London as we take them on at a number of sports over the course of a week. The victor is crowned after the final event of the series and a trophy is awarded to the institution that has won the greatest number of fixtures. Last year we triumphed in one of the closest series ever due to a 4-2 win from our Men’s football team in the last game of the series.

Mandy Walker Games

The Mandy Walker Games was created in honour of a former UCL hockey player and sports officer. It is coined as an Annual Alumni Sports Day where former members of UCL are invited back to London to compete in friendly matches against current TeamUCL clubs. Sport takes place across London and throughout the day before a social takes place after the Games. It’s a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends and reinforce the community atmosphere our sports clubs create.

Pride in Sport Games

The Pride in Sport Games is a week’s worth of fixtures that coincides with Pride Week. Unfortunately the event has been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the vision is for clubs to compete against London based LGBTQ+ clubs in friendly fixtures over the course of the week. The Games hopes to be able to increase access and create partnerships between TeamUCL and the LGBTQ+ sporting community.

Black History Month

Black History Month takes place throughout October and provides an opportunity to recognise Black histories, celebrate Black success and increase opportunity. Using sport TeamUCL aim to break down barriers to sport and physical activity through sports club sessions and a Black History Month Sports Day, and educate others through a Black History Month Panel Event and an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion information session.

Sports Ball

Sports Awards and Sports Ball sees us round off a successful year of sport. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the previous year and commend the efforts of sports clubs and individuals on their outstanding achievements. Awards include collective recognition (e.g., club of the year) and individual recognition (e.g., Mandy Walker Sports Personality of the Year).