What is Disability History Month?

Disability History Month focuses on the history of disabled people's fight for equality and human rights. This year’s theme is ‘Disability, Children and Youth'.  

What is the origins of UK Disability History Month?

UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) is an annual event which began in 2010, spanning from mid-November into mid -December. Since its inception, UKDHM has become a huge success, running events, providing resources and giving a voice to disabled and differently-abled people across the UK.

The dates of UKDHM purposely occur before, after or during several other observances, to bring together and highlight how they are impacted or relate to disability.

For example, it covers Anti-Bullying Week (19 to 23 November), HIV/AIDS Day (1 December), International Day of People with Disabilities (3 Dec.) and International Human Rights Day (10 December).

Each year, there is a theme for the month, to highlight the many experiences of people with disabilities.

Why is this year's theme 'Disability, Children and Youth'?

This Autumn 2023 UKDHM focuses on the Experience of Disablement amongst children and young people in the past, now and what is needed for the future.

This theme seeks to recognise that, if someone grows up on the 'receiving end' of negativity, children are more likely to internalise that negativity. In turn, we are creating a situation where adults and young people carry that weight throughout their whole lives. The way disabled children and young people have been and are treated is an indicator of how inclusive and rights respecting we are as a community and society.

By acknowledging this experience for disabled children and youth, we can stop that journey before it continues and bring about positive change in how we think about impairment and disablement.

"Not many people thought that a totally blind person could rally, let alone win 2 world championships!"
Written by Rachel Morgan, MSc Crime ScienceHi! My name is Rachel and I am reading for an MSc in Crime Science in the Department of Security and Crime Science.
Studying with Cystic Fibrosis
Anonymous, Human Rights MA
Disability History Month Club Spotlight - Pole Fitness
For Disability History Month, TeamUCL are spotlighting our sports clubs! Hear from Pole Fitness about their work to support a deaf member.
Also, check out these external Disability History Month Events!

Proudly Student-Led, Loudly Democratic

Representing You... Meet the Disabled Students Officers!

The Disabled Students’ Officer represents the needs and interests of disabled students in the Union, the University and beyond, and will have the opportunity to make meaningful change for disabled students. They will have the opportunity to create and run campaigns on issues that affect students with disabilities, build community amongst disabled students on campus and to work across the Union to improve accessibility throughout the student experience!

Disabled Students' Officers, Philip Greger & Suzanna Chen

Phillip and Suzanna have lots of goals this year to make student life better for all disabled students! This includes:

  • Run regular socials (both online and in-person).
  • Revitalise the network's online presence and build an active online community
  • Help create specific groups/support systems for specific conditions (e.g. autistic students, ADHD students, students with chronic conditions, etc.)
  • ...in addition to general support and events so that they can help as many students as possible.

“Nothing about us without us”! Find community!

At the Students' Union, we believe it's incredibly important to have a community of peers that understand your identity and experiences, so check out two of our many community-focused groups for Disabled and Neurodivergent students!

Team UCL Celebrates Disability History Month

Fitness Sessions for Disabled Students

From Friday 24th November, TeamUCL are offering four free 1-2-1 fitness sessions to all current UCL students who identify as disabled, in our gym, Bloomsbury Fitness. This is a year round programme, and can be accessed at any point during the year by students with any sort of disability, such as mental health conditions, physical disabilities and neurodivergence.

The sessions will be run by Natalia (she/her) and Joe (he/him), our permanent Fitness Instructors, who will directly support you to access Bloomsbury Fitness and achieve your fitness goals.

If you are interested please complete this form, and we will make contact with you to start the process.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Sign up here!

Project Active Accessible Sessions

As part of Disability History Month, Project Active are running Sitting Volleyball and Wheelchair Badminton Project Active sessions for any student that want to try a new sport.

We’re also running Quiet Sessions, which are low-to-moderate intensity, low-stimulus online classes for neurodiverse students. We’re aiming to run seated yoga and a fitness class.

You can find these sessions on the What's On calendar, by searching for the name of the session, or by following this link to the Project Active tag.

It's important to TeamUCL that everyone feels able to access all areas of sport and physical activity at UCL. As Project Active develops, we are keen to keep expanding our range of activities, so keep checking back with us to hear even more! If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Check out all things project active here!

Giving Back!

50p from every sale of our Mint Hot Chocs will go towards Metro Blind Sport who provide opportunities for people who are blind or partially sighted to take part in sport. Remember to bring your reusable cup though. An additional 50p charge will be added to your bill without it!