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With exams to be written and assignments to be handed in, the next few months may be a stressful time for some of you. We’re here for you when you need us and have some useful tips and advice to get you through Term 3. 

We have asked you what would help you the most and you had some brilliant ideas which we are implementing across the exam period.  


We’re helping you to…

…take regular study breaks

Eating well is as important for your mind as it is for your body. 94% voted in favour of a tea and coffee deal in our cafes  

All of the union’s cafés will be selling tea or coffee and a piece of fruit for £1.

When you are in one of our cafés, make sure to also grab one of our study planners that we designed to help your organise your thoughts and study breaks… 


…keep active 

Exercise is good for the mind! Taking some time out to exercise can be a welcome break from revision and can be really fun. 82% voted in favour of free yoga and spin classes  

Project Active and Bloomsbury Fitness will be running a series of free yoga and spin sessions on the Wilkins Terrace throughout May. 

…get some headspace 

We know exams will be dominating your mind, but taking time to think about things and get some much-needed perspective is important.  71% voted for a meditation space over additional study space.  

Your Welfare and International Officer has taken over the Garden Room (next to Jeremy Bentham) and turned it into a Chill Out Zone. This space will act as a relaxation space for you to recharge and take some time away from the library.  

…get the support you need

We want to make sure that all students are fully equipped to ace their exams or assessments through our Writing and Language Support (WALS) programme for international students. 

Our Peer Tutors run several different types of free activities to help you with your written and spoken English, including a regular programme of workshops, one-to-one sessions and ‘Coffee and Conversation’ which is a weekly opportunity to get together and practice your spoken English with other students. Sign up here

When are things happening? 

Date What we’re doing for you
From Wednesday 28 March    All-day tea/coffee + fruit for £1 in Union Cafes 
From Wednesday 28 March  Study wall planner available in all our outlets (gym, cafe’s, bars, Union shop The Hanger)
Wednesday 8 May   Project Active on Wilkins Terrace 12:00 - 14:00 - Yoga or spinning class
Wednesday 15 May   Project Active on Wilkins Terrace 12:00 - 14:00 - Yoga or spinning class
Wednesday 22 May   Project Active on Wilkins Terrace 12:00 - 14:00 - Yoga or spinning class

Read some of the tips suggested by Attention Training technique specialist, Sam Thorogood, on how to become better focused and manage time efficiently