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Welcome to the UCL Guild! 

The UCL Guild is an alliance of 5 of the largest career societies at UCL, including the Investment, Data Science, Women in Finance, Business and Entrepreneurs societies. If you are ambitious, eager to try new things and looking to make the most of your time at UCL both socially and professionally? Then the UCL Guild is the society for you! 

We use our extensive experience and insider info about top firms like Google, J.P. Morgan, and McKinsey & Co., to give you the tools necessary to kick-start your career. Regardless of whether you’re looking for spring week advice or simply want to find out more about different career opportunities, we’re here to help! We also host some of the largest socials on campus, including our boat balls, affordable nights at Mayfair clubs and beer-pong socials. This year we are looking to go bigger than ever before and have a special surprise for you during Freshers week - so stay tuned. 

Each of our societies has enjoyed great successes alone, from hosting CEOs of top institutions like the London Stock Exchange, PayPal and Bentley Motors, to organising the largest Finance Conference and running some of the most successful mentorship programmes in the UK. But together, we are capable of so much more, offering members insight and experience in various diverse sectors and industries. So, come join us and get a headstart to your career!

To get first dibs on all our events, make sure to get your FREE membership here, and join us on Facebook!