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Kindle Corner
Kindle Corner is a community organisation of teachers working in partnership with Camden to support and empower families with young children in literacy.

Kindle Corner

Our main objective is to build confidence and create a passion and meaning to reading in every child, across the borough of Camden(Literacy framework July 2021 addresses the importance of creating a passion for reading to help a child thrive and succeed in life). In addition, our sessions are purposeful. We don’t pick up a random book and just read to the children … boring!!

Our kindle corner sessions are meaningful because we teach children about all the factors that encompass our planet , ecology, sustainability, climate change, global warming , CO2 emission, people & careers, health living and Welbeing, sports , religions and cultures,community cohesion. We are cultivating Concepts which are invaluable for a child to learn and develop in order to appreciate and understand the make up of the natural world and it’s surroundings.

So that children will feel a sense of belonging and have an understanding of what we and others do has an affect on the our environment and our community/humanity.

We teach these morals and values throughout the duration of our session in a fun and interactive style; which comprise of ; oracy, speaking and listening ,open and closed questions , acting in role of the characters in the stories (empathising with the character), talk to their talk partner to resolve matters to resolve in the narrative, hands on activities using sustainable materials (recycle and reuse unwanted materials to make things relating to the story). Children are given opportunities to lead and much more !

Sessions are lead by a kindle corner storyteller. Sessions begin with children choosing a soft toy to cuddle and use as a prop , they take it home to encourage them to tell stories and play with throughout the week. This is followed by an activity and a healthy eating snack to end the session. Children’s efforts are rewarded and celebrated through praise ,stickers,prizes and parties!!

Kindle corner sessions not only creates an inspiration and love for reading in ‘little minds’, but ,builds a foundation to love and take responsibility for the community and the environment they are to blossom and grow in.

Your role will be to work in a team in order to deliver a story telling session to children and their families. Managing the behaviour of a group of children through praising and rewarding their efforts.


description above in a picture formatTo take part in the session by encouraging and praising children for their efforts. 

To set up the session. 


Who will the volunteers be working with?
adults and children
Kindle Corner Storytelling (KCS)Training
The sessions will develop literacy through creating a love and passion for ‘reading’
Our aim is to deliver storytelling sessions which engages and inspires every child who is listening to you telling a story!
Kindle Corner Storytelling ‘10 steps’ success criteria:
1. Perform & Create Pleasure
2. Entertain
3. Plan and Prepare (yourself and your audience)
4. Props and puppets
5. Practice
6.Use non verbal cues to bring the story to life
7. Projection, pitch and pace
8. Pause and pose
9. Pages (print and pictures)
10.Ask questions ,talk partners

Session 1 : Observe KCS Leader
To observe one of the KCS- Leaders

Session 2: KCS Team session (KCS to lead)
In this session you will plan with one of the KCS-leaders/mentor who will mentor you to plan and deliver the session.

Session 3 : KCS Team session (KCS trainee to lead)
You will plan and deliver a KCS session independently.KCS leader/mentor will give you feedback.

Session 4 : KCS Trainee session
Independently plan and deliver KCS session.

Top Tips for planning your session :

Choose a story age appropriate, one you enjoy and love to read!
Think about how you will incorporate the KCS success criteria in your session.

Remember you are the role model ,showing children how to, enjoy the pleasure of reading.

We look forward to supporting you through this adventure to become a Kindle Corner storyteller.

Time commitment

Wednesday 4-5pm
In order to complete the full kindle corner training programme you must attend at least 12 storytelling sessions.

This organisation is one of our community partner organisations.

Like all volunteer recruiters we work with, they have signed up to our service standards, agreeing to abide by our policy on partnership working to keep you safe and supported whilst you volunteer.

You’ll never be out of pocket for volunteering through us – with in-London travel expenses to and from your volunteering guaranteed.

In addition, the team here at Students’ Union UCL Volunteering Service is here to support you throughout your volunteering journey – you can get in touch with us at any time.