ROMILDAMOR is a Women's Rights Organisation that works to pioneer against various forms of social injustice faced by women and girls across the globe. Particularly focusing on; Human Trafficking, Gender Based Violence and Child Marriage.We operate through two mainstreams: 1. CAPACITY BUILDING: Our focus is victims support, here at ROMILDAMOR we work to provide support to victims once they have…

We are looking for an ambitious volunteer researcher to help lead our Forced Labour Trafficking Report & contribute their skill to the advancement of social injustice! We are working on a 2021 Report on Forced Labour in Supply Chains, the aim of this is to highlight the strong connection of human trafficking in supply chains and how as consumers our daily decisions can impact the Anti-Slavery mission. It will outline 7 key steps, Supply Chain companies and consumers can take to support the anti-slavery mission and reduce labour exploitation in supply chains. In order to put this report together, we have an opportunity for a Volunteer Researcher who will be able to carry out in-depth research on the effects of Forced Labour Trafficking in Europe and how consumers can take a proactive approach to be more aware of their purchases. In addition, a major part of this report will be for Supply Chain companies, to highlight ways in which they can carry out further due diligence to ensure their suppliers are well-vetted and carry no risk of labour exploitation in their practices.

Time commitment

This role requires weekly tasks to be carried out and the UK Capacity Building Team will meet one every week.
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?
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