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ROMILDAMOR is a Women's Rights Organisation that works to pioneer against various forms of social injustice faced by women and girls across the globe. Particularly focusing on; Human Trafficking, Gender Based Violence and Child Marriage.

We operate through two mainstreams:

1. CAPACITY BUILDING: Our focus is victims support, here at ROMILDAMOR we work to provide support to victims once they have been rescued. We work to create opportunities for therapy care, mentoring and academic & career development. The goal is to help build them a beautiful future.

2. COMMUNITY AWARENESS: We believe that knowledge is power, the more people know about something unjust, the more they will feel compelled to do something to stop it. This is why we hold events that engage and enlighten our local communities about these ongoing practices. Our events range from; screening evenings, educational brunch talks and interactive classes - all with the focus on enlightening others to create change.

Forced Labour Trafficking Research Co-ordinator
We are looking for an ambitious volunteer researcher to help lead our Forced Labour Trafficking Report & contribute their skill to the advancement of social injustice!