What would you like the Union to do?

- Rescind clause 4.5.2 of the UCL SU Clubs and Society Regulations to allow RUMS clubs and societies to apply for re-affiliation if disaffiliated. This would bring us to equal standing with UCL clubs and societies.

- To be clear, we are NOT asking for the ability to affiliate NEW RUMS clubs.

Why would you like to do this?

- When a UCL club/society is disaffiliated, they are permitted to apply for affiliation which is put under consideration by a panel of sabbatical officers and SU staff/executives.

- However, the SU Clubs and Society Regulations has a clause that specifically barres RUMS clubs and societies from applying to the panel for re-affiliation:

"4.5.2 The Activities Zone will not affiliate or re-affiliate any new RUMS clubs or societies to the Union."

As RUMS Society leads we represent the 12 RUMS Clubs and Societies currently in operation who would like to see this policy reversed.

How will this affect students?

RUMS Clubs and Societies and their club members would be on equal footing with their UCL counterparts if faced with disaffiliation.