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What made you decide to stand for election this year?

My belief in a Union where the student body is ever more involved in its decision-making and functioning motivated me to stand for election.

What are your top three priorities from your manifesto?

1. Drastically improve our democracy through increased engagement and transparency, particularly with regards to policy zone discussions and proposals. 

2. Empowerment of Students to be Changemakers & Provide Opportunities for Professional Growth

3. Better Accommodation Terms & Support

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

To work with my fellow officers to create a historic year for the Union and its members. In order to do this, I hope to draw upon the experience and skills of all of the Union’s members. This is the reason why my main focus is creating a better integration between the Union and its members with regards to its overall functioning.

What has been the best part of your UCL experience so far?

I would say my engagement with Societies affected the quality of my UCL experience immensely. Not only have I learned and developed a great deal, but I also enjoyed every second of it. This is another reason why I hold the student-led parts of life at UCL at such a high regard.

Your advice to new students?

UCL is a unique place in terms of the breadth of experience in can offer you, and how much it can widen your horizons. You can meet special people coming from all backgrounds and interests; you can discover your enthusiasm in an incredibly wide range of activities through societies and your courses; and you can always find an opportunity to grow while giving back. I would advise you to start taking full advantage of what UCL can offer you as soon as you can; first year is a great time to try new things.

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Thursday 21/10/2021 - 15.30
On Monday 11 October we had our first Union Executive Meeting of the academic year. During the meeting, the Sabbatical Officers and Part-Time Officers meet to discuss matters you bring to the table.