It's important to keep your membership and event attendee information secure, not share it to third parties, and only use if for the purposes of managing your group. 
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All Club and Society memberships are sold centrally by the Union and under no circumstances should Presidents, Treasurers or other committee members sell memberships in person.
Need to know We use the UCL email system to provide you with a club/society email account. Each summer we add the new President and Treasurer to that account so they can access it.
How to view club or society membership sales lists (President and Treasurer Access only):
Publicising your activities and events is one of the most important things you have to do as a Club or Society Leader.
Step 1 Check with Union Finance to see whether the item was bought by the club (Non Grant) or by the Union for the club (Grant).
Mailing Lists are vitally important when trying to attract members to your Club or Society.