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We use the UCL email system to provide you with a club/society email account. Each summer we add the new President and Treasurer to that account so they can access it. This will then appear as part of your personal UCL email account. For information about what your club society email address is, please contact the SU Reception or search for SU.[your club/society] in your Outlook Address List.

You don't need to log into it separately or require a password. Please ignore/delete any password reset notifications.

Step one

To access your club or society account, you will first need to sign into your UCL student email account.  Once you have done this, you can access your club or society inbox:

Add a shared mailbox in Outlook 2016 (Desktop)

To add as a shared mailbox (recommended):


To add as a separate account:  

1. In Outlook, click on 'File'

2. Click on 'Account Settings'

3. Click on 'Account Settings' in the drop-down menu

4. In the 'Account Settings' window, click on 'New'

5. Enter your name and the email address of the role account only (ignore the rest) and click on next

6. You will then be prompted to enter a username/password. Enter your details here ([email protected]) and be sure to click on 'Remember My Credentials'. You may need to change it from the e-mail address of the shared mailbox to yours by clicking 'Sign in with different credentials' or similar.

Once you have been authenticated, you will need to restart Outlook for the change to take effect.

Add a shared mailbox in OWA / Office365 (Browser)

1. Sign into your account via the UCL website with Office 365

2. From the left navigation panel click Folders > More and right click on your name. 

3. Select Add shared folder...



4. Type the shared mailbox name or email address and select Add.

You should now be able to view the shared mailbox on the left-hand side of the navigation panel. In order to view the inbox after logging in, you will first need to click on Folders>More in the left-hand navigation pane.

Accessing shared mailbox on your phone

You can access your mailbox via the following URL, replacing the e-mail address with the one for your shared mailbox:

https:// EMAILHERE

Please use the link above without additional spaces, i.e.[email protected].

Alternatively, you can add the shared mailbox in OWA / Office 365 (above) to make it available through your browser on your phone. 

Step two

If you would like to add committee members to the mailbox you can do this by sending a full list of names and User IDs to [email protected].

Can't access the inbox?

If you've followed all the steps above, but the shared club/society inbox still doesn't show up, it is likely that you haven't been granted access to the inbox yet. You may also see an error message saying 'You don't have permission to perform this action.'

It takes time to add new presidents and treasurers and to remove old ones, therefore some patience is advised. Should you still not have any access to the inbox after the end of July (or after a month of having been affiliated for new clubs/societies), please contact the Student Activities Reception. You are welcome to contact the Reception earlier, but you might get the answer that they are still in the process of granting access.  

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