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  1. The Union's Returning Officer is Clare Oakley, former Camden Council Electoral Services Manager. They oversee the fair conduct of the elections, interpret the bye-laws to rule on complaints, and oversee the count of the elections.
  2. Any complaints about the clubs and societies elections process or complaints about the conduct of candidates and their supporters must be made no later than 13:00 on the last day of voting via this webform: https://studentsunionucl.org/forms/clubs-and-societies-elections-complaint-form. Complaints not submitted through this webform will not be considered.
  3. Complaints will be reviewed by the Deputy Returning Officer Rupinder Sandal (Head of Societies & Projects).
  4. The Deputy Returning Officer, in consultation with the Returning Officer as appropriate, shall make a ruling on the matter within 48 hours of the receipt of the complaint. They may give the alleged candidate the right of reply before making a ruling.
  5. Complainants may remain anonymous should they wish.
  6. We may take any of the following disciplinary actions, including but not limited to:
    1. Verbal warning
    2. Written warning
    3. Ban on campaigning for a designated length of time
    4. Disqualification
    5. Refer the complaint to the Activities Zone for consideration


  1. All club and society officers must be elected through a Union facilitated online election.
  2. Eligibility to run for election and hold any Union position is based on the following criteria:
    1. Any member of the club or society can stand for election to any officer position listed in the club or society constitution, as long as they have purchased paid membership at least 28 days before nominating themselves.
    2. Associate and visiting members cannot run for election.
    3. Current officers may stand for re-election at the end of their period of office, but may not hold a principal officer position for more than two years with any single club or society.
    4. All officer positions must be listed in the club or society constitution and must be filled every year, and no person may hold more than one of these positions at the same time per club or society.
    5. You must be eligible to enrol to continue your programme of study, and not on a year abroad or interrupting your studies for the following academic year.
    6. All candidates must nominate themselves through the Students’ Union website.
    7. Candidates cannot ‘role-share’ for club and society committee positions. If more than one position is available, each candidate must nominate themselves separately.
  3. Candidates failing to meet the above requirements will be withdrawn from the election. If the election has already occurred, the officer or officer-elect shall be removed from their post and a by-election held.


  1. You must not be endorsed by any of the Union Sabbatical Officers.
  2. You may not be endorsed by the current post-holder of the role for which you are nominated.
  3. You must not be endorsed by clubs nor societies (including student media). However, supporters may list any of their relevant titles aside from Union employment.
  4. You may endorse other candidates but are prohibited from making reference to their candidacy in your campaign material.


  1. You may criticise another candidate’s campaign but must never be personal. You and your supporters must not:
    1. Reference another candidate’s personal traits or character.
    2. Misrepresent another candidate’s religious, political, or other views or actions.
    3. Intimidate any participant in the election, candidate, campaigner, student, staff or other.
    4. Deliberately sabotage any campaign other than your own.
    5. Deface any campaign materials (such as publicity, online media, and social networking sites) of another candidate.
    6. Make any attempt to influence the impartiality of the Returning Officer or Students’ Union staff.
    7. Permanently damage any Students’ Union or UCL area or property.
  2. You may not campaign until voting opens.
  3. If you, or any of your supporters, are currently, or have previously been, a Students’ Union officer, volunteer, club or society committee member or staff member, you must not use any facilities or communications methods that are not available to all candidates for the purpose of campaigning.
  4. Candidates must not use resources that are not readily available to all candidates. If candidates are in doubt that any activity might be construed as creating an unfair advantage they should seek advice from [email protected] before proceeding.
  5. If you are publishing campaign materials in another language, you must ensure an English translation is provided.
  6. Candidates must follow Union data protection guidance. As part of this guidance, candidates must not send unsolicited communication to individual students without their consent.
  7. You are responsible for removing your campaign material after the election voting period concludes.


  1. No member shall have more than one vote.
  2. All voting shall be done by secret ballot, and for online elections the Single Transferrable Vote System will be used.
  3. ‘Re-Open Nominations’ (RON) shall be a candidate in all elections. Should ‘Re-Open Nominations’ win an election where one person is to be elected to the position, a by-election shall be held.
  4. Voting rights:
    1. All club and society members have the right to vote in the election for the relevant club or society, as long as they have purchased paid membership at least 28 days before voting.
    2. Associate or visiting members do not have voting rights.
    3. Any member of the Union is eligible to be a full member of a club or society subject to the payment of the necessary membership fee.

Updated May 2024