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London is a big metropolitan city and unfortunately, that can sometimes come with risks. Whilst we hope you won’t need the resources in this section, it’s important that you know how to stay safe and what to do if anything does happen that threatens your personal safety. 

Getting Home Safely at Night

Late nights at the library, club and society events and a thriving bar scene - there are lots of reasons why you might find yourself having to travel home at night. Here’s some tips for getting home safely at night.

Staying Safe at UCL

UCL also has an extensive list of useful information for staying safe in and around UCL, as well as staff members working to tackle crime on campus.


The Students’ Union has a Zero Tolerance stance to any kind of sexual harassment. One example of this is stalking, and it’s ongoing nature means that it can be hard to know how to react to this kind of harassment. This advice might therefore be helpful for any students who are experiencing stalking.