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Nominations: Nominations closed

Voting: Voting closed (Friday 04/11/2022 - 12.00)

Download current constitution.

Download proposed constitution.

A summary of the proposed changes: 

  • Addition of new committee members:
    • The 'Outreach Lead' joins the 'Outreach Officer' in contacting and inviting speakers to organise various conferences and talks
    • The 'Design Lead' and 'Design Assistant' joins the 'Design Officer' in overseeing the visual identity of the society
    • The 'Social Manager' and 'Social Media Assistant' joins the 'Social Media Officer' in managing social media accounts
    • 'Sustainability Assistant'
    • 'Careers Lead' and 'Careers Officer'
    • 'Development Lead' and 'Development Assistant'
  • Renaming the 'Events Officer' as 'Events Coordinator'
  • Removing the positions of 'ASUK Officer', 'MEng Representative', 'Sponsorship Officer' and 'SEAD Innovation Enterprise Officer'