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Date count run18 Mar 2022
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Sunny Charoenpong [9296]10.00
RON (Re-open Nominations)4.00
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Winner is Sunny Charoenpong [9296].


Sunny Charoenpong

I was chosen to be the head of Humans Resources department to represent my high school in the UK Space Settlement Design Competition Digital Heat where I needed to solve the problem in a limited time. To prove that I have good leadership skills and responsibility, I was a head of the department during the competition where I needed to arrange the meeting and lead the team. Later, I got chosen to be on the NASA Club committee which hosted the space settlement competition, and picked the team to represent the school for the regional competition. I also lead weekly group activities involving public speaking practices. I was also a member of the Medical Forum committee which I need to discuss the issues through weekly debates, showing that I have improved my confidence, and my communication skill. Furthermore, I had been working on the project to help teenagers who went through emotional abuse. This honed my compassion and ability to make people feel comfort around me. 

In addition, I believe that I also have good time management since I used to work in nurseries, care homes, and charity shops. This means that I can get along with different kinds of people.

From my experiences, I believe that I will work well as a team, and be able to lead the club in the coming year. I will also definitely come up with some ideas to improve the society and put the most effort in my role in order to make the society run smoothly.