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180 Degrees Consulting offers you the unique opportunity to combine your interest in Consulting with doing something good for the community. 

We have three key pillars of engagement -- be part of as many as you like!

1) Consulting Projects (consultant membership):

Each term we provide pro-bono consulting projects for various NGOs, B-Corps, local and international charities with the aim of making a positive impact to our community. Therefore, we recruit dedicated and talented students in the first week of Term 1 and Term 2 to work closely with our clients to address various challenges, from strategic planning to operational improvements. Students will receive training and support throughout the process and develop critical skills in consulting through this practical work experience.

Purchasing a consultant membership is only necessary once you are successful in the application process.

2) General events (standard membership):

Standard members will be able to attend our case study workshops and competitions, office visits and speaker events. In addition, standard members will also receive a consulting focused grad scheme tracker, the first of its kind.

3) The Case Club (standard membership):

We are excited to share our new segment of the Case Club, created in response to a growing need for additional support in the consulting application process.

Our Beginners' Bootcamp prepares those with no casing experience, with our curriculum designed to cover all parts of a case by interview season.

Experienced members participate in weekly meetings to solve cases from CaseCoach, a WhatsApp group community, and an additional library of casing books.

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