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Rachele Moscardo [9803]19.00
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Rachele Moscardo

Hi, I’m Rachele ! 

I’m a penultimate year PPE student and I am running for President of UCL 180 Degrees Consulting. As a current events executive, I had the chance to witness and participate in the work that the 180DC leadership team and consultants carry out to deliver lasting results to both members and clients.  As I go into my final year of university, I hope to further these impacts by: 

  • Extending our network: furthering our relationships with the London 180DC branches and create new ones with European and Transatlantic partners.
  • Diversifying our career panels: as part of our Speaker Series, having representatives from a variety of fields such as NGOs, start-ups, think tanks, sustainable finance, policy and – of course – consulting to maximize member’s exposure to careers with social impact.
  • Humans of UCL 180DC” : leveraging the current and past alumni network to give members insights on opportunities/careers.
  • UCL 180DC x UCL Volunteering: monthly volunteering events where UCL 180DC members do some charity work for immediate social impact. 
  • Induction day for consultants: one-day induction for new consultants to foster a sense of camaraderie and inclusivity.
  • Encouraging greater engagement: increasing the number of socials for members; creating a calendar of upcoming events posted weekly on our socials; starting a monthly newsletter.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and I hope you’ll consider voting for me!