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Date count run18 Mar 2022
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running6
Available positions2
Total ballots29
Valid votes29
Invalid votes0
Round 1
Noa Seror [7891]2.00
Ananya Toshniwal [8678]5.00
Sushaan Nath [8768]3.00
Sunny Charoenpong [9293]2.00
Grace Feng [9340]17.00
RON (Re-open Nominations)0.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 9.67. Candidate Grace Feng [9340] has reached the threshold and is elected. Candidates have surplus votes so surplus votes will be transferred for the next round.
Round 2
Noa Seror [7891]3.46
Ananya Toshniwal [8678]10.11
Sushaan Nath [8768]3.00
Sunny Charoenpong [9293]2.00
Grace Feng [9340]9.67
RON (Re-open Nominations)0.73
Count after transferring surplus votes from Grace Feng [9340]. Candidate Ananya Toshniwal [8678] has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winners are Ananya Toshniwal [8678] and Grace Feng [9340].


Ananya Toshniwal

Hello everyone! To introduce myself, I’m Ananya and am currently in my penultimate year of the BSc Management Science course. I am running for the Events and Partnership Director of UCL 180 Degrees Consulting! The role is a perfect integration of my interest in event planning, social impact, and consulting.

Working with 180DC over the past year as the Marketing Director and a student Consultant gave me insight into the social value that is being created through the term-time projects and confirmed my passion for the society! Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy working behind the scenes to make events possible. I believe that I have picked up some expertise running back-end operations through my prior roles as the UCL TEDx Event Manager and the city lead of a NPO, Chattr Chhaya (to support low-wage earning labourers). These experiences helped me hone my communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills that are directly transferable to the Events and Partnership Head role.

For these reasons, I believe that I’d make a good candidate for the role and if you think so too, do vote for me! I wish all candidates the best of luck :)

Grace Feng

Hi! I’m Grace, and I’d love to be your next Events and Partnerships Director! 

As the first UCL society I ever joined, 180DC has impacted me so positively. It’s allowed me to progress from being a newcomer to London and a complete consulting beginner to meeting the most bright, inspiring people and developing my professional skills. 180DC has completely transformed my uni experience, and I want others to feel the same way I do about this amazing society!

I’ve learned so much about event coordination, sourcing speakers, and the society’s mechanics as the current Events Executive and a consultant this past year. Combined with my experience as events executive for the Green Economy Society, I’m confident I have the skillset to best continue contributing to our team.

If given the chance, I will:

  • Host workshops beyond case studies to provide support in other aspects of the industry’s recruitment process
  • Increase collaboration with other 180DC branches to allow for both a wider variety of events and more opportunities to participate
  • Organize more events where members can interact, such as socials and networking sessions
  • Streamline the event planning process for future Directors by compiling templates for each form, spreadsheet, and email we create

I’ve loved my time as Events Executive this year and I’m so excited to take on more responsibility with building our 180DC community. Thank you for your consideration :)


Sushaan Nath

Having the opportunity to be a project member in 180DC's pro-bono projects, I have been able to experience the impact this organization has globally. Working with NGO's and charities through the club has not only ignited my passion for consulting, but illustrated the importance of pro-bono work and the magnitude of help it provides. Therefore, it would be my pleasure to further my contribution to this prestigious society as events director. I hope for your vote so that I can implement my hard work and dedication to a society that has continually engaged in charitable contributions and impactful projects. As a third culture student from the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, I have been able to gain a strong understanding of factors that contribute to a sense of community, and look to incorporate this within 180DC. Furthermore, my prior experience in recruiting distinguished entrepreneurs for Career Day as lead representative for the Student Government Association in high school, can enable me to effectively contribute to the social entrepreneurship forum by finding credible guest speakers. Lastly, as I was previously the head organizer for the Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society, I hope to utilize my established organizational skills to meticulously construct intriguing social events, efficiently time manage and assist in any way to the amazing work this society engages in.


Sunny Charoenpong

I was chosen to be the head of Humans Resources department to represent my high school in the UK Space Settlement Design Competition Digital Heat where I needed to solve the problem in a limited time. To prove that I have good leadership skills and responsibility, I was a head of the department during the competition where I needed to arrange the meeting and lead the team. Later, I got chosen to be on the NASA Club committee which hosted the space settlement competition, and picked the team to represent the school for the regional competition. I also lead weekly group activities involving public speaking practices. I was also a member of the Medical Forum committee which I need to discuss the issues through weekly debates, showing that I have improved my confidence, and my communication skill. Furthermore, I had been working on the project to help teenagers who went through emotional abuse. This honed my compassion and ability to make people feel comfort around me. 

In addition, I believe that I also have good time management since I used to work in nurseries, care homes, and charity shops. This means that I can get along with different kinds of people.

From my experiences, I believe that I will work well as a team, and be able to lead the club in the coming year. I will also definitely come up with some ideas to improve the society and put the most effort in my role in order to make the society run smoothly.


Noa Seror

Being an outgoing and motivated person with a taste for leadership, I believe to be a suitable candidate for this role. I am the former Marketing & Business Development Assistant (Vendi), UCL M&A Group Events Executive, and Co-chief of my high school's ecological transition. I am an autonomous person that can take decisions when necessary while confronting everyone's opinions to find the best alternative.

If I were selected, I would develop Alumni networks, organize online meetings, create forums and more interactive platforms such as Instagram live Q&As with speakers.

The society would promote cooperation with new partners and organize competitions with other societies. Every member could have a voice and participate in the development of events!

Together, we could therefore develop this society.