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The Finance Executive’s primary role is to assist the Treasurer on all financial matters of the Guild.



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Date count run28 Feb 2023
Election rulesERS97 STV
Candidates running4
Available position1
Total ballots21
Valid votes21
Invalid votes0
Round 1
Jonathan Fung [11728]3.00
Marjoleine C C Mooijman [11735]5.00
Caterina Devenuto [11745]13.00
RON (Re-open Nominations)0.00
Count of first choices. The initial quota is 10.50. Candidate Caterina Devenuto [11745] has reached the threshold and is elected.

Winner is Caterina Devenuto [11745].


Caterina Devenuto

Since the start of the academic year I have been working as the Finance executive - a very fulfilling experience I whole heartedly wish to continue holding. I was responsible to work with the Treasurer to keep track of all the budget of the society, so that all the various events we held, whether on our own or with the other societies in our alliance, could happen. To succeed in this role I strongly valued forming trusting relationships with the other divisions within Guild, especially the Sponsorship division. In this way, we were able to ensure that our Sponsors' money was put in good use and that the Student Union was aware of our ties with these top ranking firms across the financial industries. If elected, I will definitely be able draw on this experience to ensure that the society's organisation keeps running smoothly.

Moreover, acting as an an interim executive allowed me to engage as much as possible with the 5,000 members of the society: whether it was during the Society's fair during Welcome week, or while organising the First Year Rep application processes which I ran with the Treasurer. As a biochemistry student, I often got asked: how can I also transition from a STEM degree to a finance/business related career? My numerous experiences in successfully applying to internships make me a good point of reference for anyone wanting to start figuring out if a career in finance would be a good fit, as well as all the practicalities, tips and tricks of applying!


Jonathan Fung

Hi all, my name is Jonathan and I am a second-year Physics student. I am running to be Finance Executive of UCL Guild.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been presented by the society this year. Through being involved in events organised by UCL Guild such as Bank of America’s CV Clinic, I have been able to receive valuable guidance and meet like-minded individuals who gave me a lot of insights. I now hope to give back to the society and allow more people to benefit from these opportunities.

As Finance Executive, I would manage our society’s resources effectively and ensure we have a clear plan for the future. Previously, I had the experience of running a charity business where I deepened skills such as financial planning and budgeting, as well as core skills such as communication and negotiation skills when communicating with stakeholders. These are all highly relevant skills which would be beneficial in my role as Finance Executive.

If elected, I will always have our member’s best interests in mind and ensure that they have the resources needed to achieve their professional goals. I will be responsible and organised, performing processes as transparently as possible.

If you are looking for someone who is highly motivated, knowledgeable, and committed to putting in the effort, please vote for me.

Marjoleine C C Mooijman

I am Marjoleine Mooijman a 3rd year student of the MEng Engineering and Architectural Design course. I would love to be part of the committee for the Guild Society to help it grow. As a finance executive, I would like to manage the finances efficiently, effectively, and transparently while creating a friendly and open community providing support to all members. Additionally, I hope to promote the society to increase its outreach while creating more professional opportunities for everyone with regards CV’s, networking, and social events.

I believe a key aspect of the society is inclusivity and allowing all to reach their full potential. I think this philosophy becomes increasingly more important in the rapidly changing work environments across all fields of work. Therefore, I want to support the Guild Society in its next steps.

I have the necessary skills to manage the finances efficiently, effectively, and transparently considering my previous experience organising events, managing my business, and helping others with budgeting.

I am fully committed to the Guild Society; it would be privilege and great honour to be elected as its finance executive.