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Date count run27 May 2022
Election rulesERS97 STV
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Nicole Tang [10628]3.00
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Winner is Nicole Tang [10628].


Nicole Tang

Boxing is a sport that not only challenges your physical strength but also your mental capacity in pushing yourself to do better. During training, I have witnessed endurance and determination from each of the participants, myself included. You are encouraged to test your limits and push through just the 'last 20 seconds'. With this training in mind, I was a member of the audience at the Amateur boxing match held at Kings College. Watching my coaches compete, I realized that beyond endurance, and determination, and mental strength, boxing required nerve. With the eyes of the entire audience stuck to their every move, regardless of the consequence of the fight, I can imagine the wave of emotions going through them. I am running for Welfare officer because I think it is important that every member can feel taken care of, and that an inclusive and safe environment is formed. I think it is essential that every member, particularly those who are just joining, feel that it is within their comfort zone to push themselves.