In Yoga & Meditation Club, you will explore the ancient wisdom of yogic practices which are meditative and therapeutic, but at the same time powerful in physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Our teachers are experienced yogis. Whether you are a beginner and want to make yourself more flexible and healthier, experienced in yoga and want to go deeper into your practice, or interested in meditation and philosophy, Yoga & Meditation Club will satisfy your needs!

The YMC core activities are expert-led yoga classes several times throughout the week, at a variety of levels. At the beginning of the academic year, you will have the chance to attend free taster sessions of our classes. If you decide to join us this year, membership will cost you £35. 

What does our membership include?

1. Standard (£35)

  • Unlimited access to our yoga class by booking on our website. We offer regular classes throughout the week (in person and online), and you can go to as many or as few as you want for free!
  • In-person and online socials like picnics, quiz nights, brunches, and cook-offs!
  • Exclusive access to events such as park yoga, acro yoga, Christmas dinner, and much more.
  • A retreat during the year, offering the chance go more deeply into the practice and philosophy of yoga and meditation. We will offer a considerable discount on retreats, although this will obviously have some additional charge.

2. Remote Plus (£30)

  • Unlimited access to our online yoga class by booking on our website. We offer regular classes throughout the week and you can attend as many as you like for free!
  • Online socials like quiz nights, cook-offs and more!

3. Remote (Free)

  • Online events like yogi quiz nights, cook-offs and remote socials!

Hopefully, we have sparked your interest and will soon be able to welcome you personally in our society. Our promise to you is the chance to learn about the practice of yoga on all levels of experience and a platform to meet like-minded people. Another substantial part of our society is social connectivity, so there will be many chances to get to know people through our socials. We look forward to meeting you this year!

Follow us on our social media pages (instagram and facebook) to stay updated with our classes and events!

Visit our website to book classes and learn about the society