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Welcome to the Writers’ Society. We’re UCL’s home for creative writers of all descriptions. We’re here if you want feedback, inspiration, or just to spend time with other people who enjoy writing. All genres of writing are welcome we aim to have a completely fresh, creative and practical way of discussing writing, absolutely different from the academic ‘English Literature’ approach.

Our Events

For regular activities, we offer bi-weekly separate feedback sessions for prose (Mondays), poetry (Wednesdays) and performing arts (Mondays), which will be virtual for the most part. Please note that for each feedback session, people submit their work online before the meet date so that everyone gets a chance to read it.

Monthly events include Open Mic nights (Thursdays), writing workshops (Wednesdays) and introducing new 'read, share and write' sessions (Wednesdays). We also do regular movie & game nights, and are planning to arrange some trips to poetry cafes and 'bookshop crawls'. These latter events we are planning to do in-person! 

We have our own magazine 'The Writers' Block' and every member will have the opportunity to publish in both of our termly magazines. You can find past versions of the magazines on our website.


Please note that the remote membership gives access to all our online events, our weekly newsletter and the opportunity to submit to the magazine. The standard membership (7£) covers everything offered by the remote one plus the opportunity to help edit the magazine in the production stage, all in-person events and trips, as well as the opportunity to audition for the UniSlam team (a national spoken poetry competition).

After the 12th of October you will need to be a member to access our events. 

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