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UCL Volunteering Society (VolSoc) is a network of student volunteers, that strives to get UCL students actively involved in volunteering projects for the betterment of our community. Some of the charities we have worked with in 2018/19 include: RSBC, CentrePoint, Trees for Cities, ReachOut, and UCLH.

We actively promote one-off volunteering opportunities that cater to a wide range of interests & create opportunities for like-minded volunteers to come together and share their experiences. You can join our one-off volunteering events, work with us as a Volunteering Officer and meet like-minded students at our socials. In 2018/19, we organised 8 one-off volunteering events, leading over 250 volunteers from UCL. 

The society also organises various fundraisers and talks by esteemed individuals & organisations in the voluntary sector. In 2018/19, we introduced a series of talks on campus to share with the UCL community about potential careers in the voluntary and NGO sector.

The Volunteering Society is one of the most inclusive and meaningful societies on campus; we believe in creating opportunities and platforms for UCL students to take part in volunteering within our community - everyone and anyone can join, and our membership is FREE.

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The UCL Volunteering Society is funded and supported by Student Union UCL's Volunteering Services.

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