University College London United Nations Association (UCLUNA) is the official branch of UNA United Kingdom at UCL, raising awareness for the work of the United Nations system as well as providing opportunities for the UCL community to engage with it. UCLUNA also provides skills development courses in public speaking, policy, and negotiations skills, organises delegations to prestigious MUN conferences in the UK and beyond, and works with local secondary schools to teach key professional skills to young students. UCLUNA is also a founding member of the United Nations Association Youth Platform of the United Kingdom, a national federation of UNAs and MUN societies.

As one of UCL’s most exciting and dynamic societies, we welcome students of all degree programmes, interests, backgrounds and experience levels to join our community. At UCLUNA, our main focus is on raising awareness of the United Nations and the work of the UN System. We aim to bring the UCL community closer to the work of the UN, giving them opportunities to understand and engage with it. 

You don't need prior MUN experience or knowledge about the UN to join us! So long as you are interested in the United Nations, want to learn more about how diplomacy and international negotiations work, want to learn key professional skills, or engage with the UN System, this is the society for you.

This is what we are planning for this year:

Skills Training

Every week (usually on a Tuesday from 18:30 to 20:00), we hold training sessions where our highly experienced, award-winning training officers run seminars and activities to help develop your skills. These sessions are designed with a focus on Model United Nations (MUN) in mind, but also work on public speaking skills that are crucial for everything from your studies to your job applications.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we plan to hold a combination of in-person and online training sessions in order to provide greater flexibility and access for our society. You will still have the opportunity to learn and practice skills pertaining to public speaking, international policymaking, and negotiations.

We welcome everyone, regardless of MUN background and experience to join us for our sessions. Even if you are not interested in MUN, it is still a great way to pick up public speaking and negotiation skills that will come in helpful for your degree and future jobs.


Throughout the year, we hold a variety of events for both members and non-members alike. In particular, we are planning to host several networking events throughout the year, as well as looking to welcome external speakers to discuss important topics with our members. MUN societies and discussions have traditionally focused on security and politics-related topics. However, over the last year, UCLUNA has expanded our range to include more discussions on topics within social issues, science and technology. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to have discussed with experts, drop us a message and we'll try to accommodate it!

Additionally, we plan to hold a wide range of social events, including non-alcoholic events, to allow more members of our community to participate, regardless of background. Contact us if you have any suggestions on what we should do!


Additionally, we have exciting plans regarding our outreach and volunteering programs, which is focused through two main avenues. The first will be a continuation of our volunteering program with schools in the local community; done through the UCL Student-Led Volunteering Program. Through this programme, we will work with secondary schools across London to teach MUN and speaking skills to young students. The volunteering program will start actively recruiting after Reading Week in Term 1 and will properly begin in Term 2.

What else?

MUN Conferences

Traditionally, a huge part of our society has been attending conferences hosted across the UK and Europe, and we offer lots of chances to travel with the UCL delegation to conferences in cities such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, Paris and many more. These conferences are a great opportunity to see new places, meet new people, hone your skills and win awards for the society!

Join Us!

This is a challenging year for students, but UCLUNA aims to make full use of our skills, experiences, and opportunities to ensure that we are able to build a strong community, and give society members the opportunity to engage with people from across the world.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

The UCL United Nations Association Committee 2020/21

Contact Details and Information:

The UCL United Nations Association is a proud member of United Nations Association Youth Platform of the United Kingdom (UNA-YP UK)

The UCL Model United Nations Society is proud to have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.