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UCL Tennis Society exists to provide opportunities for both play and improvement to tennis players of all abilities. With 250 members from all sorts of backgrounds, we are one of the biggest sport societies in UCL. Three Men’s and two Women’s Teams comprising of players up to the national standard represent UCL in the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) leagues. There are also two mixed teams who compete in the London Universities Sport Leagues (LUSL) as well as one Women's and Two Men's teams competing in the Fast4 development league

In conjunction with this, the society has a Social Tennis group (open even to complete beginners) to ensure a perfect fit for those interested in playing at any level. While only our teams compete in leagues, we make sure that all players are given ample opportunities to improve and actively encourage excellence throughout the Society. Though only “Tennis” is in our name, we strive to help members achieve their best, both on and off the court, and welcome all members to our weekly social outings at the UCL Student Union.

Find the link to our Facebook page at the bottom of this page!

UCL Tennis FAQs:

1. When and where are the tennis sessions conducted?
Recreational tennis sessions are conducted every Wednesday 1-4pm at Finsbury Park Tennis Courts (closest tube is Finsbury Park), whereas BUCS & LUSL team trainings are conducted every Sunday 2-8pm at New River Sports, Tennis & Fitness (closest tube is Wood Green). Some extra trainings will be provided for the players taking part in the competitions.

2. Does the society provide or rent out racquets?
No, the society does not provide any racquets.

3. What does my membership entitle myself to?
For recreational tennis, membership entitles you to attend recreational tennis sessions at Finsbury Park, as well as society events. Team membership (only for those who pass our trials) entitles you to represent UCL in BUCS and LUSL matches, attend trainings at New River Sports, Tennis & Fitness, as well as attend society events. Court fees and balls for the mentioned sessions are included in the membership fee.

4. What if I really cannot attend the trials for the team?
If you have a valid reason for missing the team trials and are still interested to try out for the team, feel free to contact our captains by finding them on the society Facebook page (link below). You can also email or message us.

5. How long does the competitive season last?
The competitive season runs during the first and second terms, it starts in October and runs until late March. There will also be opportunities to play friendly matches against other universities, individual events and many more!
Tournaments our teams are competing in for the 2018/2019:

Men’s 1st Team: BUCS Tennis Premier South A & BUCS Tennis Championship

Women’s 1st Team: BUCS Tennis South Eastern 1A & BUCS Tennis Trophy

Men’s 2nd Team: BUCS Tennis South Eastern 1A & BUCS Tennis Trophy

Women’s 2nd Team: BUCS Tennis South Eastern 2B & BUCS Tennis South Eastern Conference Cup

Mens 3rd Team: BUCS Tennis South Eastern 5B​

Womens F4 Team: Fast4 Development South Eastern Division 1

Mens F4 A Team: Fast4 Development South Eastern Division 1

Mens F4 B Team: Fast4 Development South Eastern Division 1

Mixed 1st Team: LUSL Tennis Premier

Mixed 2nd Team: LUSL Tennis Premier

6. What does the society do apart from playing tennis?
We get together for Sports Nights on Wednesdays, Mahiki nights, regularly have dinners, bowling and karaoke nights, and plenty of other events throughout the year to make your experience with UCL Tennis even more enjoyable.

7. Who is my point of contact if I have more specific questions? You can post your queries on the UCL Tennis Society Facebook page or directly contact anyone from the committee. Team matters should be directed to the captains while recreational tennis matters should be directed towards the Recreational Tennis Coordinator. Also, feel free to get in touch with our President, Treasurer or Vice-President - they should be able to answer any question related to the Tennis Club.

Committee Members (Find us on our UCL Tennis Society Facebook page or email/message UCL Tennis Club directly to get in touch)

President: Nikita Jesaibegjans

Treasurer: James Kostas Ray 

Vice-President: Jack Weeks

BUCS Men's 1st Team Captain: Kai Maxted
BUCS Men's 2nd Team Captain: Jan Ortonowski
BUCS Men's 3rd Team Captain: Edouard Nordin
BUCS Women's 1st Team Captain: Ana Mikheeva
BUCS Women's 2nd Team Captain: Terry Gao

LUSL Team Captain: Tim Rossow
LUSL Team Captain: Nessa Zard

Social Secretary: Izem Ozavci
Social Secretary: Ed Cook

Recreational Tennis Coordinator: Liam Shanahan

Recreational Tennis Coordinator: Akasya Guner

Development Tennis Coordinator: Kipras Undzenas

Communications Secretary: Ingimar Tomasson

Communications Secretary: Rory Downer

LTA Ambassador & Team Tennis Coordinator: Stefanos Vrettos

Welfare Officer: Natalia Aguilar

UCL Tennis Club have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.

This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited