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With 700 active members and over 2500 followers on social media (2023), UCL Tennis Club is the biggest sport society at UCL and one of the largest across the country. 

We have a range of teams welcoming players of all abilities, from highly competitive to never-touched-a-racket-in-my-life players.

Our range of off court events throughout the year look like:

  • Socials - Always held with a new weekly theme, our socials are held at the Rocket pub (on Euston) every termtime Wednesday (check the weekly theme on Instagram), followed by Team UCL Sports Night at Scala.
  • Special Events - Held throughout the year, details to be posted on Instagram
  • Team Dinners - We bond over food and on court <3
  • Charity Events - On and off court!
  • Inter-university Events - On and off court!
  • Balls - The black-tie kind not the on court ones
  • Varsity - Looking for our 5th consecutive win against those who must not be named ;) 

All held throughout the year along with our training sessions, so there is something for everyone!

Now that we've convinced you to (at the very minimum) attend our off court events, here are our on-court teams and communities, places are open to all!

UCL Tennis 2023/24 Joma Merchandise is live to buy now!

REMINDER: You will need an active membership to attend the sessions during the year. R&D and LUSL Rec will have taster sessions in Sept/Oct. You can buy the membership once you have been given your Student Union login details. All memberships will cover social fees, no need to purchase the social membership if you have already purchased a R&D, Postgraduate, LUSL Rec, LUSL or BUCS membership.

NOTE! 2023/24 BUCS + LUSL TEAMS ARE FULL - LUSL Rec, R&D and Postgrad Sessions are still open!

So now that you've seen all we can provide, come join us on court or at the themed socials every term-time Wednesday 9-11pm at the Rocket (pub on Euston)!

Keep in touch! Our main form of communications is via our social media and newsletter so do make sure to sign up/follow them. Our most active sites are our Instagram accounts, so if you have any PRESSING queries, please do not hesitate to send us a message!

URGENT QUIERIES please email our President or Treasurer directly (details below).

Committee Members 2023/2024:

  • President: Roberta Schofield-Martoglio
  • Treasurer + Management Officer: Stuart Li-Tremble
  • Vice-President: Devlin Guthrie
  • Welfare Officer: Rebecca Ju

TEAM CAPTAINS - Competitive Teams

  • BUCS Men's 1st Team Captain: Tomas Cores Birch
  • BUCS Men's 2nd Team Captain: Jonny Markus
  • BUCS Men's 3rd Team Captain: Oliver Abt McGregor
  • BUCS Women's 1st Team Captain: Sofia Gibbon + Katarina Krajnovic
  • BUCS Women's 2nd Team Captain: Louise-Marie Poirier
  • LUSL Team Captains: Charlotte Burdon + Ezatul Syafiqah Mohd Nazri
  • Recreational LUSL Captain: Kavish Shetty + Daniel Chan

TEAM CAPTAINS - Recreational Teams

  • Head of Recreational & Development Tennis: James Kostas Ray
  • Recreational and Development Tennis Coordinators: Quincy Ng + Sara Osman + Amelia O'Hara
  • Post-Graduate Representative: Lucie Bezner + Alec Mearns


  • Communication Secretaries: Elena Fitzpatrick + Lucie Bezner
  • Social Secretaries: Maria Volkov + Oliver Abt McGregor + Nicole Si Tou
  • Charities Officer: Alon Hannuna
  • Newsletter Editor: Milla Nasevski
  • LTA Ambassador: Leo Saiu-Bell
  • Alumni Representative: Alec Mearns

UCL Tennis Club have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.
This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited