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Welcome to UCL TechSoc !  🧑‍💻 ⚙️

Our Motto :  "Connect. Create. Collaborate."

TechSoc is home to everyone interested in technology: from VR to health tech to AI, we do it all! This is a friendly place to innovate, discover, experiment, build, all while having fun.

Whether you've just joined UCL or have been around for a while; whether you're a complete beginner or a tech expert, you'll definitely enjoy what we have to offer!  This year we have prepared:

  • 🎉 Tech Talks to discover: TEDx-style talks, panel events and interactive discussions with our sponsors and other high-profile speakers
  • 💼 Workshops to upskill : technical workshops run by world-leading experts in the field
  • 💃 Socials to meet new friends: Special collaboration initiatives & social events such as picnic bingos, trivia nights, pub socials and more
  • 🧑‍🏫 Mentor-mentee scheme : A Mentorship Scheme to foster career growth: our first 5-month program with mentors from Apple, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, NatWest, Shopify, CrowdStrike and more!
  • ✨ Annual Hackathons to innovate: our 24-hour hackathon is the highlight of the year with huge sponsors supporting us!

By becoming a member, you'll stay on the bleeding edge of technologylearn from the best innovators of the world and  gain valuable skills, knowledge, contacts and friendships that will be integral in a world increasingly driven by tech.

Our events range from the small and specialised to the huge and open-to-all, so there are lots of valuable opportunities for everyone!


Our hackathons

One of our most high-profile events are hackathons, competitive 24-hour sprints where you work with a team to create something awesome. If you think you’re not good enough for this, you’re wrong. Hackathons are all about learning, building something with your new knowledge, and sharing the result with others. You don’t have to be a coding pro to have fun, just an open mind and your best ideas!


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Movie Night with Free Snacks
05/10/2023 | 18:15 - 20:30