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UCL Squash Club is one of the most rapidly growing and successful sports clubs at UCL, and the most successful University squash club in London and the South East. It boasts the most successful teams and one of the largest platforms for both beginners and social players. We have our sessions/trainings right on campus (Bloomsbury Fitness) and in premiere locations (The Dilly, Piccadilly). Please purchase the taster membership before attending any trials/taster sessions. 

If you want to join, do contact us on Instagram where you can find all links needed. Otherwise, do use the link on the side to our 2023 Welcome Pack to get all necessary information  


The bread and butter of our club are the social squashlings! We put on at least 2 free sessions every week (details to be announced soon) where any of our members can turn up and have a hit. These sessions are a great way to get into squash, meet some new people over a casual game, or hone those skills you've been working on! Not only is it a friendly environment to play but as the court costs are included in your membership, the sessions are amongst the best value for money in London! We are also part of Project active, which is a TeamUCL springboard for complete beginners' to have a go. Come along, racquets and balls will be provided! 

Mondays (when no fixtures are scheduled): 17.00-22.00 @ Bloomsbury Fitness

Tuesdays (changing on a weekly basis): 17.30-19:00 @ The Dilly, Piccadilly

Sundays (regular): 12.30-16.30 @ Bloomsbury Fitness

You do not need to book any of these - you can just show up and spend as much time as you want, be it half an hour or the full session. We play in a king-of-the-court fashion during social sessions, meaning we are using three-quarters of the court so that as many members as possible can play at the same time. 


A brand-new initiative we are running this year is our internal league - a chance for social players to play more competitively, get more court time, and play 1:1. This consists of a weekly set of matches against all players of the Club. We try and organise seeds by ability and, worry not, there is a plate for those of you who do not manage to pass through a round. 

Thursdays (regular): 17.30-19:00 @ The Dilly, Piccadilly

Sundays (if players need to reschedule): 10.30-13.30 @ Bloomsbury Fitness


A project we have been experimenting with this year is our new Buddy System - a project that creates a network of peer coaching whereby coached social members are introduced to the sport and supported in their learning path. We want to be as inclusive as possible to all levels of ability, so do not feel like you cannot join the club if you have no clue how to play. 

Sundays (when buddies are available): 12.30-14.00 @ Bloomsbury Fitness

There is a dedicated chat for this and you can only book one weekly slot on Sundays. Please ask our Social Squash Sec Alexia for more details.


We run weekly coaching sessions for team members with professional level 2-3 ESR coaches at Bloomsbury Fitness. We have 4 Men’s teams and 1 Ladies' team for 2022-2023. The teams compete in the inter-university (BUCS) and local London (LUSL) leagues at present, both consisting of weekly matches. 


Thanks to our newly elected Community Officer, this year we are expanding our Outreach. We are partnering with Squash Squared, a charity working to promote access to education through Squash. We participated in their flagship Squash Squared Cup with 5 players at their Wimbledon Club, raising over £150. 

Besides, we have partnered with Onyx Academy, an East London charity supporting underprivileged kids through squash. We are working to set up a volunteering programme with them, so more details to come!

On top of this, we are sponsoring a breadth of charities during thematic periods like Mental Health Awareness, Pride Month, and This Girl Can. Ask our Community Officer for information if you want to contribute!


We have regular socials off the court, ranging from sit-down dinners to the regular Wednesday evening Sports Night madness. Worry not, everything does not have to be alcoholic - we are going to have ping pong nights, inter-societal meet-ups, and other occasions to have fun while being active. Last term, we organised a free Pizza Night and a subsidised Ping Pong night!

Check out the Instagram page for the latest event calendar.


Are you a postgrad and wondering whether this will be for you? Over 30% of our members are postgrads, so lots of people to network with. Last term, we organised a Postgrad-only brunch!

Our newly elected Postgrad Officer Marcus will be there to assist you and promote all activities. 


Our main partners are Tecnifibre and Salming, where we get 40% off equipment. All information has been circulated via our chat and through our weekly newsletter, but do ask our Treasurer if you need anything. 


1. What are the membership options?

We have three memberships. 

1. Competitive. You will become part of one of our teams and have access to weekly coached sessions with a professional trainer, get a subsidised team kit, participate in BUCS and LUSL, and have the best time of your university life by being in a Sports Club!

2. Standard Social. This membership covers the basics of social squash. You will be able to join at any given social squash session, get rackets and balls provided, and participate in our internal Squash League. 

3. Coached Social. This is a new membership that on top of the standard social perks gives out bi-termly coached sessions and access to a buddy system where senior players help you develop your squash skills. Just for an extra £5!

2. There's a cost of living crisis - what if I cannot afford the membership?

We appreciate that prices might be a concern, and we have carefully thought our membership prices out. If you are struggling to pay, there is a means-tested Participation Fund which you can access through our Welfare Officer. Shout if yiu need any help!

3. Is there a chance to try out before buying a membership?

Absolutely! Get a Taster membership and join us at our tasters during Welcome Week. The timetable will be released on Instagram the week before.  After Welcome Week, we can arrange 1:1 tasters.  

4. How accessible are the facilities?

Unfortunately, our facilities are not accessible to wheelchair users. Neither BF nor the Dilly offer lift services are courts are elevated or underground. We apologise for the inconvenience.   

This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited


LASHMAS! UCL Squash and Lacrosse clubs’ massive Christmas black-tie ball!
13/12/2023 | 18:30 - 23:00