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Welcome to the UCL Snooker and Pool Club!  Instagram  Facebook 

We are the table sports club at UCL, and we're excited to continue our training, social events and tournaments this year! We provide discounts, free coaching sessions and tournament experience for American Pool, English Pool, and Snooker.

Check out our instagram page for more information and regular updates about upcoming events and changes. There is also a linktree in our instagram bio to join our Whatsapp and WeChat groups where we have a community of people interested in snooker and pool.

Taster Session

We will have 2 taster sessions this year, on September 27th (3-6pm) and October 1st (11am-2pm), both during fresher's week, and both at Hurricane Room Kings Cross. These are free to join, so come along and bring some friends! Just remember to purchase the free taster membership before coming.

Member's Benefits

This year, we have reduced our membership price 60% FROM 25 pounds to 10, increasing the value for money significantly.

Members will have the following benefits:

- Access to Hurricane Room Kings Cross membership card (17.5 GBP), which allows members to rent tables at a much cheaper price, up to 50% off (the membership is 2 GBP during our taster sessions)

- Weekly social events or coaching sessions where committee members or team members can provide free coaching for beginners

- Free entry into our friendly intra-club Snooker and Pool tournaments that we aim to hold once per term

- Team Members will also have a chance to compete at UK University Tournaments:

Leeds 9-Ball

BUCS 9-Ball Championships

BUCS 8-Ball Championships

BUCS Snooker

Weekly English 8-Ball Tournaments

Weekly Snooker Tournaments

And more!


This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited

UCL Snooker and Pool Club have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.